Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate

Amata Nakorn Industrial estate covers an area of 3020 ha or 7459 Acres or 18873 Rai currently hosts over more than 300 multinational companies right now. The Industries currently set up here are of a mixed type of Automotives, Electronics, Consumer goods, Light Industries, etc. Quite a few well-known names in the international arena like Siemens, Bridgestone, Denso, Pepsi, Jotun, MeadJohnson,Triumph, Daikin, Electorwatt, PTT, PCS Security, etc. have set up their units in this estate. The Tenure of the land offered in the Amata Nakorn Industrial park is freehold. The electricity power to the Estate is supplied by The PEA (Provisional Electricty Authority with the estate and by Amata Private p

Amata Industrial Estates

Amata Industrial Estates by far, the largest industrial estates in Thailand are developed and maintained by AMATA. Thailand is currently, is the preferred choice to many big companies especially for automobile companies like Toyota, Honda, Nissan and GM. It is also proudly called as the “Detroit of South East Asia”. The rapid growth of industries has led to the development of many Industrial estates in order to cater to the development of industries. AMATA Corp PCL is the leading developer for Industrial Estates in Thailand. It was incorporated in the year 1989 and was listed with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in the year 1997. AMATA is the largest developer of Industrial estates with

Thailand Industrial Estates

Thailand industrial estates are one of the best and that are highly diversified estate in the world. The country of Thailand has more than thirty industrial estates that are primarily focused within the electronics industry, automobile industry as well as various consumer products such from household products to toys and etc. The IEAT or Industrial Estates Authority of Thailand encourages the industry to jointly manage and build estates. One of the largest benefits of this type of clustering is the reduction in ‘industrial sprawl.’ An entire area can be devoted to an industry making it easier for business to business relationships as well as maintain the looks of the rest of the area. There

Injection Molding in Thailand

Injection Molding in Thailand is a booming industry! Thailand is currently becoming the manufacturing hub of spares for automobiles, electrical and electronic appliances. A major chunk of these manufactured items are plastic components that are produced by injection molding. With all major companies setting up their shop in Thailand, the demand for plastic injection molded components has seen a growing trend. This in turn has fueled the growth of the die and mold manufacturing sector which is the heart of the injection molding industry. The Auto-parts manufacturing industries are major customers for the die and mould industry. The growth in the output of Auto-parts surged up by 35.66% in the

RL Hudson acquires injection mold manufacturer Rapid Production Tooling

RL Hudson (Tulsa, OK) announced that it has completed the acquisition of injection mold manufacturer Rapid Production Tooling Inc. (Berthoud, CO). Rapid Production Tooling was founded in 1997 by three talented, visionary journeyman toolmakers, said RL Hudson in its release. Today, Rapid is a full-service mold manufacturing company that offers everything from design and build to process development in a state-of-the-art mold qualification and process validation facility with presses in-house ranging from 40 to 300 tons. Rapid employs 38 people; according to RL Hudson, management will remain in place. RL Hudson was founded in 1980 by Rick Hudson, whose passion for rubber chemistry and rubber a

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