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boden Martin
Apr 10, 2021
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Can't remember the password you used to register your Gmail account? We offer you all the steps to regain access to said account. Using an alternative email, the security response, a phone number. To access the phone's Gmail email, you need to know the Google account data, both the username and the password. And of course, it is enough that we want to access a rarely used account or that we want to log in to another device so that we do not remember what the password was, with the problem of not being able to consult the trays. Luckily, it is not difficult to recover Gmail access, even from the mobile itself. Both from Android and Gmail. https// Have you forgotten your password? Gmail helps you click If you have an Android device, your Gmail will be accessible through the account with which you registered the phone. If you want to manage a new Gmail account from your mobile, you must add that account from the Android settings: the option is found under 'Users and accounts' (the name varies depending on the manufacturer). Put the username in the corresponding box and click on 'Next: Google will allow you to access if you forgot the password. Click on 'Have you forgotten your password?'. To access Gmail from an iPhone or iPad, you have to open its application and click on the avatar on the top right. Then go to 'Add another account' and carry out the same process as in Android: enter the Google username, click on next and go to the forgotten password option. Google will not send you the password for your Gmail account: it will only give you access if you prove it belongs to you. Then you will have the option to change the password. Google offers several ways to recover the Gmail password, the same password for the Google account itself. Depending on the information you have registered in that account, you will have more or fewer ways to recover the access information. It is best to go from menu to menu until you find the option that best suits your needs.

boden Martin

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