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In March and April, when it was chilly in spring, it rained again. Although it was warmer in the cave than outside, it was still cold. Fu Laiyin saw Lu Xiao's thin shirt. He hesitated for a long time and asked softly, "Are you cold?" Lu Xiao glanced at her. "It's not cold." Fu Laiyin said, "Oh," and whispered, "I can only ask. I have no clothes for you." And cast a sincere, apologetic look. The corners of Lu Xiao's mouth were slightly hooked, and he did not know whether he was laughing or laughing. After a while, when Lu Xiao closed his eyes to sleep, a light fragrance quietly approached, then, a soft hot hand on his forehead, Lu Xiao opened his eyes. Fu Laiyin bit his lip, stuck it for a while, and took it away: "I'm afraid you have a fever." Lu Xiao closed his eyes again and his Adam's apple moved. "No." The light fragrance did not disperse, but sat down beside him, and squeezed and squeezed at him, very carefully and boldly. Lu Xiao opened his eyes and his eyes were heavy. Fu Laiyin blushed a little, but still looked straight at him and said as magnanimously as possible: "It's nothing to get through. Now it's a special situation. Let's take a warm one." Lu Xiao's cheeks moved. "Sit down a little." Fu Laiyin squeezed again. Sit in my arms. The author has something to say: I know you are going to say that I am Calvin's little expert again. -I am. Chapter 30 Who touches whom? Fu Laiyin blushed and looked straight at him. "Don't always make these jokes," he whispered. Unable to stand Lu Xiao's eyes, he looked away and said in a panic, "I know you're not cold anymore." Just as he was about to get up,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, he was pulled back by Lu Xiao. The two of them sat side by side. "Sit down." Fu Laiyin is as quiet as a chicken. After a while, Lu Xiao suddenly remembered something, opened his eyes, and played Fu Laiyin on his forehead. Fu Laiyin was so excited by the pain that he covered his forehead and said blankly and aggrieved, "What are you doing?" Lu Xiao gnashed his teeth: "Do you dare to slide down when you know what's going on below?" Fu Laiyin gave a meal. Since Lu Xiao dares to slide down directly, it means that the slope is not so dangerous. Fu Laiyin, with blind trust in Lu Xiao at that time, slipped down as soon as his mind was hot. But this idea Fu Laiyin will not tell Lu Xiao, her heart is too confused today,Thyroid Powder Factory, and tired, a lot of things mixed together, she can only nod at random, looks very perfunctory: "Next time not like this." Give it back. Lu Xiao squints, conveniently is two one-fingered, the voice is cold: "Fu Laiyin, next time again like this do not look for me." Fu Laiyin heart a tremor, carefully peep at him, found that Lu Xiao's face is not good, is really angry, dare not muddle through again, obediently nodded, "I know." The cave was quiet again. Fu Laiyin wanted to sleep very much, but she knew that she had some bad habits after sleeping, so she was reluctant to fall asleep. This is actually a matter that can not be said clearly. Fu Laiyin found that he had this situation because he once went to Chen Chan's house to play when he was a child. In the fourth grade of primary school, Chen Chan's parents were on a business trip and there was no one at home. Chen Chan begged her to spend the night at home. Fu Laiyin has gone. The two children were very excited, playing with dolls, S Adenosyl Methionine ,Quillaja Saponin, eating ice cream, playing games, watching TV.. I can't sleep until twelve o'clock at night. Later, Chen Chan played a cartoon she loved very much, and Fu Laiyin sat beside her and watched it with relish at first. But then she couldn't hold on any longer, and when she suddenly dozed off, she began to doze off. According to Chen Chan's later description, "You can laugh to death when you doze off.". Like looking for a bed with your eyes closed, leaning here, touching there, picky, obviously touching the armrest of the sofa, lying down for a while, frowning with your eyes closed, propping up again, sleeping for a while, and starting to look for a bed again.. I didn't know what you were looking for, so I laughed so hard that I had a stomachache and went over to tease you. As a result, you held me in your arms and didn't let go. I fell asleep with my head on my stomach. I was not allowed to get up and was held down by you when I moved.. Chen Chan asked her doubtfully at that time: "Did you do it on purpose?"? Actually, if you're not asleep, you're just messing with me? However, Fu Laiyin was not intentional, Chen Chan said that she did not remember the scene at all. Originally, she thought it was a special case, a sequela of playing too tired at that time. But then she and Fu's parents went out to travel several times. It happened once when they watched meteors late at night, once when they listened to concerts at night, and once when they chatted on the grass. The common situation is that she wants to sleep, dozes off, and when she gets into a certain state, she begins to look for a human pillow. She has to lean on her warm body to calm down. Once she leans on it, she sleeps soundly. If she doesn't lean on it, she keeps looking for it. At first, Zhao Duanqi laughed that she was a little milk dog who had not been weaned. When she fell asleep, she had to look for her mother. Later, after many times, she was worried about whether there was something wrong. She also took Fu Laiyin to see a doctor. But Fu Laiyin did not have any adverse symptoms, the physical examination is also very healthy, usually lying in bed to sleep is never like this. Doctors can only say that there is no big problem, it may just be a unique habit. Later, in order to avoid embarrassment in some cases, Fu Laiyin paid attention to rest time and stopped dozing off without a bed. Now, she thought of it all at once, and she didn't want to sleep anyway. But she had been tired all day and had walked so long on the mountain road at night that it was impossible for her not to sleep. She could only deliberately open her eyes wide, take a few deep breaths, and say to Lu Xiao, "Can we chat?" Lu Xiao opened his eyes and saw Fu Laiyin "in high spirits." He rubbed his brows and said, "Good." Fu Laiyin thought for a moment and said, "They said you were a soldier." "Mmm." "How many years have you been?" "Four years." "Why didn't you continue?" "The family is ill." Fu Laiyin said, "has he (she) recovered from his illness?" Lu Xiao shook his head. "No, he's dead." Fu Laiyin felt that he had stepped on the thunder and looked at him apologetically, not knowing how to go on. Lu Xiao's complexion is as usual, explained: "My grandmother, old,Glucono Delta Lactone, can not stand chemotherapy, found out that the tumor died three months later, I sent the end." 。



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