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"Cut, as long as you open the door to do business, you won't have a hard time with silver." The back string shows the expression of contemplation inaccessibly: "Right also, the woman receives a woman, still do not suffer a loss." It was still early, and even your husband didn't go to work. Hou Xian was indeed a frequent visitor to the Hundred Flowers Palace, and he went straight to the courtyard of the flowers without the guidance of the Turtle Lord. Tuk Tuk Tuk. I knocked on a closed door in the courtyard, and the flowers were fragrant in the courtyard. When I opened the door, I took a breath and turned around with a stiff neck. I looked at the woman in front of me with a smile, who was a little lazy and charming. If the long hair of ink is loose at will, the coquettish slender eyes are half-covered under the bangs, the eyes are somewhat casual, somewhat blurred, somewhat contemptuous and somewhat disdainful. She was wearing only a thin gauze over her skirt, and her white chest immediately attracted my attention. "Shh!" I couldn't help whistling. Immediately drew her dissatisfaction, she rubbed her face: "Where did the slut call me early in the morning?" "Cough!"! Sister Hua, it's getting late. It's afternoon. "Strings?" The flowers immediately opened the bangs scattered in front of me,plastic bulk containers, and immediately, a pair of big eyes flashed in front of me, big and long eyes, seductive as the Queen of Egypt. It's gone, I.. Before I had finished, the flower pushed me away and pulled out the back string leaning against the door. He hugged him excitedly, "String,collapsible pallet box, you miss me so early?" "Sister Flower, Sister Flower, calm down." The back string pushed the flower away and hid behind me with a red face. "Sister Hua, this is the lady who protects the country." "I know," the flower stretched lazily around the waist, his face suddenly changed, and he turned gracefully. "Come in, all of you." The spent room still had a woman's unique fragrance, and the face of the back string has been burning until now. The flower put down the gauze curtain between the outer room and the inner room, and then the slightly transparent gauze curtain reflected her graceful figure of changing clothes. The back string immediately turned around and I shook my head with a smile. I saw you on Jia Mingkai's birthday last time. It was really sad. Xian Xian didn't even look at me when he had you. So he liked you so sullen. She put away the gauze curtain and walked to the window with her long hair. Who told us to be prostitutes? She pushed open the window, bringing in not only the sunshine and air from the outside, but also the noise of the girls. When she turned around, plastic pallet manufacturer ,euro plastic pallet, I took out a silver ticket of one hundred taels, spent it, just squinted, and then let out a contemptuous chuckle: "Sniff!"! Is it great to have money? "No, a bet." "Bet?" The flower waved its waist, showing an expression of interest, and its soft fingers slipped over its lips, licked them, and its intoxicating voice spit out: "I like to bet." "Oh, isn't this Houxian Childe coming so early today?" A middle-aged woman who had not yet put on makeup walked in outside the door. She came in without looking at anyone. She only looked at the silver ticket in my hand. Oh, girl, we don't take ladies here. "She is Lian's mother." The back string whispered in my ear. I raised my hands and even raised my mother's toes. "Of course, there are exceptions to everything." I put the silver ticket into my bosom and took out ten taels of silver ingots. The next moment, the silver was in the hands of Lian's mother. Somebody, prepare tea and fruit snacks for the two distinguished guests. The flower floated in front of me and whispered softly, "You sit down first, and I'll make a bet with you after I wash up." "Good." I like this woman. She twisted to the door and winked back. "Don't molest Xiao Xianxian while I'm away." Hou Xian shivered beside me and hugged my arm tightly. Chapter 61 of the second episode of the main text, the bet is a small string. After the servant girl sent the melon and fruit tea into the room, she withdrew from the wing. Hey! Hou Xian, there are a lot of women who like you. After I and Hou Xian were the only ones left in the room, I began to wander around the spent room. Of course, my elegance. I said that I was born to harm men and women. But madam, I don't understand what it has to do with men. "Uh.." Because women like you, what about the men? I can't corrupt my son like Hou Xian's mother. Hou Xian is so lovely that I will die of depression if I am robbed by a man. Hey, it's not good for you to rummage around in other people's rooms like this. The back string nibbled at the apple and followed me like a follower. Don't talk nonsense. I'm enjoying it. I picked up and spent the powder box on the dressing table. It was so fragrant that I couldn't help sighing, "It's better for women to be fragrant." "Hey, why do you talk like a man? You are lustful." Hou Xian gave me two white eyes in a strange way and kept a certain distance from me. On the pink curtain is a small hollowed-out pattern: "I like this set of bed curtains, and I will buy it when I go back." "Oh, you women are troublesome. A bed curtain should be so beautiful and luxurious." "What do you know about people who don't change their clothes all the year round?" "Who said that? I did." Hou Xian is still not convinced. Hum. You have only five sets of clothes in total. The one you are wearing today was just worn five days ago. Didn't your peerless mother tell you to change more clothes? I went to the window, which was full of flowers, and it began to be summer. Ha. You look more and more like my mother, but. "All the money for clothes has gone to you." He bumped into me lightly, with a coquettish voice and an ingratiating face. "Good lady.". Charge me a discount, will you? He twirled my sleeve and shook it. "Okay, okay?" I am cold hum: "Hum, even if do not give me you also are to take the flower elder sister that sees you." "I swear, if you don't charge me, I'll never come again." The back string stands straight. The right hand is still under oath. Do you like the new and hate the old so soon? The delicate voice of the flower came from behind. I looked back and saw her coming step by step like a cat. She sat lazily at the table, twisted a sour plum with her orchid fingers,spill plastic pallet, and slowly put it into her gorgeous red lips. I couldn't help laughing and hit the back string: "It's so sour." After string drum up face: "Flower elder sister, don't make trouble, madam elder sister misunderstood can add my money ground." 。



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