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You only let me buy things for her, and did not let me look at her-Tang Sheng only dared to complain in his heart, saying: "I am still in Miss Ruan's school, and I know which building she is in." "You wait at her school and pick her up as soon as she finishes class." Tang Sheng sent Ruan Tang to the teaching building and went to the dormitory building. He only knew which building she was in, but did not know which classroom she was in. He made several phone calls and sent several messages to Ruan Tang. Ruan Tang did not answer or reply. Tang Sheng had to go into the teaching building and look for her floor by floor. The lecture theatre was large, and there were about a hundred students sitting there. Standing at the back door, he could not see his face, so he had to go to the front door and look at them one by one. Because he was acting suspiciously, he attracted the attention of teachers and students. Twenty minutes later, Tang Sheng only found three classrooms on the first floor, and two teachers interrupted the lecture and came out to inquire. Tang Sheng is Feng Yi's life assistant, in front of Feng Yi, although the atmosphere is not out, but because he is familiar with Feng Yi's itinerary,pipe fittings manufacturer, and he can talk, in the company is still very face-saving, even the headquarters executives see him are polite, in the face of the teacher's questioning and the students'collective look, he can not tell which grade and which major Ruan Tang is very embarrassed. The teaching building has a total of six floors, while Ruan Tang has only two classes in the afternoon. When Tang Sheng had just finished looking for two floors,14 tube fitting, she left after making an appointment with Lu Xining to do her nails. She didn't sleep well the night before. She couldn't lift her spirits. After sitting in Lu Xining's car, she fell asleep directly. It was not until she sat in the nail salon on the top floor of the department store and turned out her mobile phone to find a picture for the little sister of the nail salon that she found the message from Tang Sheng. Do you have anything to do with me? I have left school. When he received the message, Tang Shenggang climbed up to the sixth floor. He rubbed his eyes and saw that Ruan Tang had left. He immediately called her. Miss Ruan, where are you now? General Manager Feng asked me to pick you up and take you to his home. "No, I'm far from school. I'll go back myself." It's already past four o'clock. It takes at least an hour and a half to do nail and hand care. I'm sure I can't get back to Feng Yi's house before five o'clock. Ruan Tang wanted to call Feng Yi back, but it happened that the manicure sister recommended the style, so he interrupted and forgot. So when Feng Yi got off work, he couldn't get through to Ruan Tang's phone, and when he was unhappy, he naturally didn't give Tang Sheng a good look, ball valve manufacturer ,stainless steel hydraulic fitting, who couldn't do this little thing well. Feng Yi never reprimands the staff around him, but Tang Sheng is still afraid of him, hang up the phone from Boss, Tang Sheng wants to cry without tears-money is hard to earn, shit is hard to eat, said good will not embarrass him. It was already six o'clock when Ruan Tang took care of her nails and hands and walked out of the nail salon. She turned out her cell phone stuffed into her down jacket pocket and saw three calls from Feng Yi. She unconsciously shrank her neck: "It's over. I forgot to call him back.". It was dark. Feng Yi said he would go back at five o'clock and asked me to wait for him at home. It's only a quarter past six. Why are you so nervous? Is your uncle Feng very fierce? Tell him to come and get you. "How dare I let him pick it up?" Ruan Tang pulled the corner of his eyes with his hand and put on a cold face like Feng Yi to show Lu Xining. "He must have this expression now. It's not very fierce. It's just like your uncle Si. It's too cold and too distant. "My Si Pei is very gentle. He's not cold. Not to mention an hour late, he won't be angry even if he waits all night." 、 Ruan Tang grabbed Lu Xining's hand, took a photo, and said with a lemon flavor: "You are an unmarried couple who really love each other. We are a plastic couple who start inexplicably and may say goodbye at any time. How can we compare?"? My boyfriend is not good to me. You should love me more. Hurry up and take a detour to send me to his house. What Ruan Tang and Lu Xining did was a gradient manicure of the same style and different colors. They were afraid that they would encounter a cold face if they called Feng Yi directly. After she sent Lu Xining's light golden nails to Feng Yi, she sent her own silver-white nails, and then sent him a voice message: "Guess which one is me?"? There is a reward for guessing correctly. After receiving a message from his girlfriend who had been missing all afternoon, Feng Yi did not reply and called directly: "The second one is you.". ” "Why," said Ruan Tang in surprise, "how could you recognize him?" "Your friend plays the piano and can't have long nails." Cut. A man who can please his girlfriend will answer, "Of course I know your hand.". Ruan Tang coughed lightly and explained, "I turned off the mute in class and forgot to watch it after class. Yesterday, I made an appointment with Ning Ning to do my nails. Just now, my hands were not free and I didn't look at my mobile phone." "Uh-huh.". Where are you now? Ruan Tang reported the name of the department store to Feng Yi: "It's very close to your home, but there's a traffic jam now, so you have to take a detour." "You find a place to wait for me and I'll pick you up." One side of Lu Xining heard this sentence, waiting for Ruan Tang to hang up the phone, said with a smile: "Uncle Feng where fierce, but also very gentle ah." She promised to wait for him at home, but she didn't even return the phone. She didn't appear until six o'clock. Wasn't he angry? She would be very angry. Ruan Tang waved goodbye to Lu Xining, sat in the first floor of the star father waiting for Feng Yi, only a quarter of an hour, Feng Yi arrived. Consciously doing something wrong, through the glass window to see Feng Yi, Ruan Tang did not dare to wait for him to come in to pick up, smiling like a flower ran out of the coffee shop. Ruan Tang rushed over so fast that Feng Yi was knocked back two steps before he took her hand and said, "I asked my aunt to cook dinner, and I went back just in time to eat." "Walk back." Ruan Tang's smile froze in an instant. It takes twenty minutes to walk home, and thirty minutes to drive in traffic. Seeing reluctance from Ruan Tang's face, Feng Yi said,tube fitting manufacturer, "Sitting and lying all day is not good for your health. You should exercise more." "But it's cold. Shall we take a taxi?" She came here by Lu Xining's car. She only wore a T-shirt and jeans in her light down jacket. She didn't add long Johns. It had just snowed the day before. The temperature was so low that she would get sick if she walked back. Hearing this, Feng Yi loosened Ruan Tang's hand and took her in his arms: "If you walk faster, it won't be cold." 。



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