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Just that scene, in addition to their own, no one knows whether Su Ling really hard. Even if the force is removed, whether it hurts or not is up to the ice and snow. People look at their eyes is very subtle, Wan Baibai ha ha sneer twice: "You say clearly ah, you are so unclear words, how to make Su Ling deliberately like." Their atmosphere was deadlocked, but Ren Bingxue knew that Qin Xiao had the final say on the matter. Su Ling also knew this truth, but at the moment she felt guilty and flustered, and her mind was full of the accident that had just let the ice and snow pull down her shoes, and she did not dare to look at Qin Xiao at all. She did not dare to look, but Ren Bingxue dared, she looked at Qin Xiao with the color of forbearance and grievance. Qin Xiao only felt that his mouth was full of blood. It was not yet July, but his heart was burning. He glanced at the girl with her head down. She stood with Wan Baibai. Wan Baibai was like a hen protecting a calf. Particularly ridiculous in his eyes, if he wants to move, Wan Baibai can protect it? "Miss Su." His voice was languid. The girl at the other end raised her head, her eyes were moist and pure, and it was such a pair of eyes that showed extreme disgust in the face of his tenderness last night. He put it succinctly: "Take care of yourself." The tone of this sentence is very light, but the meaning is obvious. The presence is not a fool,ibc spill containment pallet, Ren Bingxue eyes showed joy, she did not expect Qin Xiao will stand up for her, but so simple four words, Qin Xiao's malice to Su Ling is particularly obvious. Su Ling did not answer, she just looked at him and Ren Bingxue. If this is really a TV play, it is estimated that it is a confrontation scene between decent Su Ling, Wan Baibai and villains Qin Xiao and Ren Bingxue. It's a pity that Wan Baibai is also an artist of Qing Yu, and he doesn't have the courage to attack the boss. With a sneer,plastic pallet crates, Qin Xiao glanced at the hem of Su Ling's skirt and turned away. As soon as he left, Ren Bingxue caught up with him. Originally quiet crew instantly whispered communication, eyes kept glancing at Su Ling, about all guessing what the new person who had not yet made his debut would face next. Some people are even wondering who will take over the role of Jiuli. Wan Bai was so angry that he almost wanted to laugh. Half a head taller than Su Ling, she put her hand on her shoulder and said, "Go and have afternoon tea." Director Wen glared at her: "What to drink? You and Shen Yi still have a part in the scene. Let's talk about it after shooting." Wan Bai twitched at the corners of his mouth and reluctantly stayed. Wan Baibai was still upset, and Su Ling, who had been wronged, felt even worse. Even if some of the masses have bright eyes, there are always some people who like to pull and step on them. Wan Baibai really liked the little girl, but now he was afraid that she would be bullied, so he pulled her aside: "Do you have an agent and an assistant?" Su Ling shook her head. Wan Baibai was stupefied. There was no agent and assistant, that is, drum spill pallet ,plastic bulk containers, there was no contract. How did he get the role of Jiuli without a contract? She hesitated for a moment and did not ask much: "Then you follow Xiao Wu later and wait for me. I always feel that this matter will not be over so soon." She beckoned Xiao Wu to come over, "you take Su Ling." Xiao Wu was her assistant, and naturally she promised. Su Ling nodded, and when she lowered her eyes, her eyelashes were stained with water. Wan Baibai was the first person who had been so kind to her since she was reborn, except Yunbu. She was used to being lonely with her grandmother. She could stand the bullying of others, but she could not stand such kindness. Whenever others were good to her, she always wanted to double the return. Night play shot to nine o'clock, Wan Baibai let wait, Su Ling has been waiting for her. Wan Baibai's acting skills are excellent, and Su Ling learns while watching. Xiao Wu smiled: "Did Sister Wan play very well?" The girl nodded, eyes are smiling, with bright light, so that Xiao Wu are stunned. She tut two, the heart suddenly has a dirty idea, if Su Ling to seduce Qin Xiao, also did not let the ice and snow anything. Then Xiao Wu shook her head with a laugh. What was she thinking. However, Wan Baibai's premonition actually worked! As soon as she finished filming, she heard something whispering around her. Xiao Wu came over and said, "Sister Wan, look at the headlines of Weibo." Wan Baibai clicked on his mobile phone, and the title of the first hot search was particularly eye-catching: "Twelve Years of Dust in the Wind" crew started shooting today, and the actors were fighting among themselves. Pull it down -- Newcomers hit their female partners without mercy. Xiaohua was injured in ice and snow filming, but it turned out to be a malicious beating by a newcomer. All of them were aimed at Su Ling. At this time, the fans of Ren Bingxue had already scolded the pot, threatening to ask the "new person" of human flesh to breathe a sigh of relief for their idol Ren Bingxue. The headline also had a picture, but it was so blurred that neither Su Ling nor Ren Bingxue could see their faces clearly. As soon as Wan Bai looked at Su Ling, she sat in a chair and quietly slid down the screen of her mobile phone. When night fell, she was alone, and she was blackened like this before she began to be red, and the people around her retreated three feet. She was still wearing the clothes of the crew, looking lonely and helpless, as if she had tasted such loneliness for a long time. Wan Bai felt uncomfortable. She patted Su Ling on the shoulder and comforted her by saying, "Don't be sad. Netizens are like this. They are separated by a line. They can't tell the true from the false. They are easily guided by public opinion.". I'll check it for you, and then our official blog will make a clarification, and the matter will soon be settled. When Su Ling raised her head, Wan Baibai saw that she looked calm. She smiled sincerely: "Thank you, Bai Bai." Wan Baibai is stupefied, Su Ling this calm state of mind, unlike a 19-year-old girl. Aren't you afraid? "I'm afraid," said Su Ling. She was just used to it. In her previous life, she was said to have climbed the bed, which was her darkest time, but she still survived. Although it sounds sad,plastic pallet suppliers, it took her a lifetime to understand that as long as she lived well and there was no rain in her heart, everything would be sunny. First of all, you should be open-minded.



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