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Zhou Changling, with a group of guards, stood near the Crown Princess as if facing a formidable enemy. He did not persuade the Crown Princess to enter the tent to escape, but was ready to carry her away with a few men who were good at flying skills before the danger came. The number of the enemy of the raid tonight is more than they imagined, had it not been for the ambush set in advance, the camp of one hundred thousand people is likely to be completely destroyed under the heel of tens of thousands of cavalry. Thinking of this, all the people looked at the Crown Princess with admiration. Although she was only a weak woman with no martial arts foundation, she had a sensitive ear, fearless courage in the face of danger, and meticulous and resolute command ability, so that they could beat the invading enemy at the lowest cost. About an hour or two later, the sound of swords hitting each other was obviously weakened. Instead, Zhao Jun shouted, "Be honest. Go this way. If you make trouble again, I'll chop you with a knife!" Or happy how to shout: "So many horses died, now we have meat to eat every day, the weather is cold, can be salted into cured goods, has been eating until next year, ha ha." Zhou Changling breathed a sigh of relief. He moved his hand away from the scabbard and suggested to the Crown Princess, "It's almost the fifth watch. The two sides have been fighting until now, and the outcome has been decided. The rest is to clean up the battlefield. It's cold outside. You'd better go into the tent and rest for a while." This time Yu Wanqiu did not refuse. She stood in the middle of the night in the cold wind. Her legs were almost numb. She nodded and said, "It's all right.". After daybreak, you go to pick up the king of the small county. Turning around,Nail Making Machine manufacturers, he cast a worried glance in the direction of Quzhou Prefecture and murmured, "Your Highness, I don't know what's going on there." The voice fell, the ears heard the faint sound of hooves, Yu Wanqiu stood, a burst of excitement in the heart: is Zhao Youxi with the cavalry returned triumphantly? Think carefully, and feel wrong, because half an hour ago, Zhao Youxi also sent someone to report,Automatic Nail Making Machine, Quzhou government is still in a stalemate, the most worrying thing is that the two teams into the mountain are not heard of. Even if the situation changed after that, it was impossible to capture Quzhou so soon, because tens of thousands of defenders of Quzhou have been in the city, after entering the city, inevitably a fierce battle, a few hours can not clear the remnants. Yu Wanqiu thought of a word: "laneway warfare.". In this way, the army in the main battlefield has a clear advantage, they are familiar with the terrain, can ambush, the away army has to pay several times the strength to balance this disadvantage. Originally, she was ready to wait for the soldiers in the camp to rest for two or three hours, after midnight to point a group of people to reinforce, who knows by tens of thousands of cavalry raid, can only work hard to protect themselves, no longer care about other. It is hoped that the two outpost troops can sneak into the city as they wish, Coil nail machine ,High Speed Nail Making Machine, and the three teams cooperate with each other to ensure that the Zhao army can capture Quzhou smoothly. Taking back her worries for her husband, Yu Wanqiu stood at the door of the tent, nervously listening to the sound of hooves getting closer and closer. If this time Liang Jun sent an army to attack the camp, the camp is very difficult to keep. Fierce fighting for several hours, the men are tired and sleepy, combat capability is much lower than usual. Fortunately, the previous scene was drawing to a close, and a group of people could be deployed quickly. Zhao Zhen personally led several generals to appease them: "Crown Princess, don't worry. The archers are already in place. The tripwire hasn't been removed at all. They are coming to die. We are eager to die." Yu Wanqiu tried to make himself look calm and comfortable, and replied with a smile: "General Zhao has worked hard!"! The generals have worked hard, and when the prince comes back, he will write to the court to claim credit for you. Several generals bowed and folded their fists together and said, "What is the merit of the last general? He was able to defeat the invading enemy tonight because the Crown Princess had observed the enemy's situation early and mobilized properly. Otherwise, I'm afraid we would have become the souls of the Liang army under the horse's hooves." Several civil officials also bowed their heads and said, "The ministers were all saved by the Crown Princess." Embarrassed, Yu Wanqiu coughed twice. It was so embarrassing to hear people singing praises of their merits and virtues. "How many men are there in that cavalry in front of us?" He said. "More than thirty thousand," replied Zhao Zhen. Yu Wanqiu lightly sighed and shook his head: "It seems that Chen Zhiyuan of the Northwest Army has made up his mind to destroy our camp first. It is said that the elite cavalry battalion he personally trained is only 50,000 men, and more than half of them have been sent here.". Just far away, did not see the leader of the generals, but by feeling, it seems not Chen Zhiyuan himself. As the commander in chief of three hundred thousand northwest army, the most famous liangguo Zhenyuan general, should have some power, but people do not have this kind of gas field. On this point, Zhao Zhen had already asked from the captives and said, "No, this time the chief general is Chen Zhihe, Chen Zhiyuan's cousin." Hsieh You-an said, "Chen Chih-yuan didn't dare to come. He still has more than two hundred thousand troops behind him, and the Jing Army also has two hundred thousand troops. They have long been ready for battle. The two armies will meet tomorrow afternoon at the latest. Naturally, he will stay in the main force." The more Chen Xueyu thought about it, the more confused he became. "In that case, what's the matter with the cavalry coming towards us now?"? If Chen Zhiyuan let fifty thousand elite riding camp all do the vanguard to attack Zhao Jun, should be sent at a time, how can first come to thirty thousand, after a few hours to send twenty thousand? Zhao Zhen listened attentively and said in a positive tone: "The next one is not twenty thousand, only a few thousand people." As soon as Yu Wanqiu's heart moved, he hurriedly explained, "Let the archers stay put. Don't be too busy putting arrows first. This may not be Liang Jun." A few civilian officials also recognized the clue: "What do you mean, is this the Jing Army?" Yu Wanqiu could only say, "It's possible." Because there was no need for Liang Jun to split the cavalry into several units, which would only weaken the fighting capacity. As if to confirm her words, someone soon came up to inform her: "Your Royal Highness, it is the Jingguo cavalry who came to support us, led by Emperor Jingguo himself.". When he heard that we had won the battle, he asked his men to wait outside the camp. He only brought in a few of his relatives to greet the Crown Princess. Even without mentioning the friendship of the alliance between the two countries, with the respect of the emperor of a country, before the war came, personally led the cavalry late at night to help, for this alone, it is also worth welcoming out of the camp to thank. So Yu Wanqiu said, "I'm going out to see him." Tongren Volume Chapter 243 Late Night Rescue (2) Chapter 243 late night rescue (2). Yu Wanqiu took two steps forward,Coil Nail Making Machine, then turned around and said, "General Zhao, I'll leave you to deal with the aftermath of the camp. After the prisoners are properly placed.." 。



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