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Tang Ruoyao was confused by her laughter. Qin Yi cleared her throat. Her cat-like eyes were lazy. With a smile on her lips, she said leisurely, "When I teach you, I have to collect tuition fees." The atmosphere around him suddenly tightened, and when they looked at each other, invisible sparks burst out of the air. Tang Ruoyao's throat tightened. Holding back the impulse to swallow, he looked into his dark eyes and whispered, "What tuition fee?" The next moment, Tang Ruoyao was suddenly stretched out by an arm to embrace, force forward area, fell into the woman's warm and fragrant embrace. The fragrant cold fragrance filled his nose, and Tang Ruoyao's brain was not very clear in an instant. Loose at the waist. Tang Ruoyao lowered his eyes and saw Qin Yi's white jade hand, holding her bathrobe lace, slowly pumping out bit by bit. Qin Yi slanted her head, her red lips were close to her ears, and she breathed like an orchid. Will you give it to me? The author has something to say: Sister think of it, this is a cultivation (/ω \) There is one last chance to bet on the stand, and the next chapter will be revealed (° °) The "restraint" of the desire to perform, the theory of the actor's control, using a program "Performer's Words", Zhou Xun and Qin Hailu. Chapter V 005 Qin Yilong lowered his head slightly and fell on Tang Ruoyao's ear,Flush valve price, half opening his lips and touching her earlobe. Tang Ruoyao has not done intimate things with her for a long time, but the psychological brain fill has overshadowed the progress of reality, and the destruction is out of control. Qin Yinong did not have time to do anything, she then raised her hand to embrace her shoulder, stuffy low hum. Qin Yinong was stunned. Tang Ruoyao's invisible angle, Qin Yinong's fundus more than two points of tenderness, the voice is the usual frivolous and ambiguous: "So think of me?" Tang Ruoyao's neck and face were red,Stainless Steel Prison Toilet, and he was so embarrassed that he closed his mouth and kept silent. Say something. Qin Yilong whispered in her ear. ……” "How does your sister know what you want if you don't speak?" Qin Yinong pretended to be sad. As a good actress, even if you can't see her face, her voice is enough to express a very sad mood, which is more real than real. Elder sister Tang Ruoyao endured a shy murmur, buried his hot cheeks in her neck, and replaced the unspoken words with practical actions. Want me? Qin Yi gave a low laugh and did not intend to let her go so easily. Tang Ruoyao blushed and smoked, and his hands clenched their fists unconsciously. You're hurting me. Qin Yi thick under the charming voice, reveals the delicate and pitiful meaning. Tang Ruoyao immediately loosened her fist, but in the next second realized that she had not caught Qin Yinong at all. Poof. Qin Yinong could not help laughing, and happy laughter rang at the same time. I was amused again. Tang Ruoyao: ".." Tang Ruoyao raised his face, looked at Qin Yinong's expression, felt that she was in a good mood, and dared to stare at her. Qin Yinong was really not angry. Yingbai pinched her chin with her fingertips. She felt good. She couldn't put it down and pinched two more. Her eyes were full of smiles: "Why are you so funny?"? Uh Tang Ruoyao answered without changing his face: "My sister taught me well." Qin Yinong tutted and said, "Don't blame me. I didn't teach you to be stupid." "I'm only stupid in front of you." Tang Ruoyao, with some secret thoughts, stainless steel squatting pan ,Self-closing Faucet, tested her. She stared at Qin Yinong's eyes for a moment, trying to see different emotional fluctuations inside. Qin Yinong looked back at her, there was a smile inside, there was pondering, but there was no one that Tang Ruoyao wanted. Tang Ruoyao's eyes darkened. Qin Yinong took a panoramic view of her subtle transformation, and the fingers hanging on one side moved imperceptibly. Tang Ruoyao quickly adjusted his mood and raised his eyes: "Do you do it?" Even if Qin Yinong did not appear to be so, he was shocked by her straightforward inquiry. When she came to her senses, her ears suddenly became hot, and she resisted the impulse to turn away. Tang Ruoyao said indifferently, "Don't you want me to marry you?" Is it her delusion? Just now I seem to see a trace of dodge in Qin Yinong's eyes? Qin Yilong did not give her time to think, bowed his head and kissed her, lips and tongue dance, infected with the taste of desire. Qin Yinong is really a very good gold owner, when together gentle and considerate and generous, impeccable. Tang Ruoyao lay on the warm and soft bed and snuggled up to the hot body temperature. Every time only at this time, Tang Ruoyao will feel that Qin Yinong is also a soft and warm person. About Qin Yinong this person's analysis, the media's article is all over the sky, the good point says that she is romantic, the bad point says that she is skittish. No matter what, she can't get rid of it. She is a passionate person. But Tang Ruoyao knew no, she just looked warm, but in fact, under the flame, wrapped in a cold iceberg. She is affectionate, but more ruthless. Tang Ruoyao opened his eyes, and the pattern on the ceiling above his head gradually twisted into indiscernible lines. The room is turning around in a daze, the world is moist, the train of thought becomes intermittent, and the brain is confused. Tang Ruoyao's shellfish teeth bit his lower lip, and his thin white neck bent back in a graceful curve, swallowing back the sound that was about to be exported. Qin Yinong's thumb pressed the girl's white lip, rescued it from the imprisonment of her teeth, gently kissed her temples, with shallow panting, and murmured in her ear: "Don't bear it.." Don't put up with.. Tang Ruoyao then turned his head sideways and buried his face and sound into the pillow. Qin Yinong finished gargling, returned to the bed and lay down, Tang Ruoyao came sideways and hugged her, hugged her very tightly, her forehead was dead against her, her eyes were out of focus, and she was still in the lingering charm just now. Qin Yinong rare tolerance, hand on her hair, a touch under the slightly stupefied, hair roots or wet, just too urgent, even the hair are forgotten to blow. As soon as Qin Yinong's fingers moved,Time Delay Tap, Tang Ruoyao hugged her more tightly and stopped her from leaving. Do what? Tang Ruoyao asked in a hoarse voice. Also take advantage of this time just at the end of each time, she can wantonly circle Qin Yinong in her arms, as if she had her. I'll get a hair dryer. Qin Yi said softly.

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