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Time passed second by second, and there was a subtle emotion between them. After seeing Xu Tingxuan standing there in a daze and not speaking, Chen Chen was a little confused. But thinking of the next competition and the disappearance of Bai Qi, Chen Chen dared to say to Xu Tingxuan: "Yes, do you know the rules of the next competition?" After hearing Chen Chen's words, Xu Tingxuan blinked slightly and said in a daze: "The rules of the next competition, my master only said one word to me-fan." This book is first published on Zongheng Chinese Network. Readers are welcome to log on to the to view more excellent works. Episode 5 Fall Wedge "Whew!" A heavy gasp sounded and echoed in the silent mountains. No, this body is still too weak, the fit is far from meeting the requirements. There was an indescribable boldness in his bold voice, and a man with a strong face in black armor leaned against a big tree and whispered to himself. Why do you have to do this when it's obvious that forcible seizure is the worst means? A sudden voice sounded, so that the black armor man's face changed, even more cold. Hum! Make sarcastic remarks. I don't want to be ordered around by ordinary people. Of course, it doesn't matter if you are a sword spirit. You will not be bound by the boarding body. Also, you this fellow, do not go to make the front station for your master, runs to me here to do? You should know that I am not the same person as your master. "How to say, this time to come to you, of course, will not be aimless, but at this stage,empty cosmetic tubes, the common enemy, common interests, I think it is better to forgive each other." "You also see my current situation, although forced to give up, but the fit is always limited, not to mention the original strength, is to keep the body not necrotic are very reluctant,aluminium laminated tube, I think I can not help you." "No, you can certainly help, and the problem of your physical necrosis is not unsolvable." "What do you mean?" "I believe you also know the magic of He Shi Bi." "You mean." "That's what I mean. Are you interested in hearing about my next plan now?" Clear voice with a trace of metal texture, the speaker is impressively Chen Chen is looking for the killing God Bai Qi! "Since you don't mind me, the man who destroyed the Qin Dynasty in name, what else can I be dissatisfied with? Tell me about it." Replied the man in black armor. Apart from the true dragon blood of the first emperor, the only other person in the world who can practice Tianzi Kendo is Wu Xiu, and the retrograde skill pushes it to the top. Only Xiang Yu can do it. Bai Qi paused and then said, "Now my host is also practicing Tianzi Kendo, but the route he takes seems to be similar to yours. My understanding of Tianzi Kendo is limited, and his own foundation is unstable. I think only you can make him return to normal." "Emperor Kendo?" Xiang Yu was stupefied for a while, this is the highest martial arts in the world, the power is far beyond the general, although he is also practicing this skill, pump tube ,eye cream packing tube, but with the first emperor to use Li dragon ball to steal the sky and change the sun, and then to suppress the earth vein, forcibly gather the real dragon blood, and then use the Qin sword to gather the faith of humanity in Kyushu, to be able to perfectly inherit the son of heaven kendo is very different. From a certain point of view, Tianzi Kendo is no longer a kind of martial arts, but an anti-heaven Dafa that takes the three treasures of Qin Emperor as the medium, takes the position of human emperor, occupies the peak of humanity, and attempts to replace the way of heaven with humanity. Xiang Yu was not as richly endowed by nature as the first emperor, but inherited from the ancient great God Dayu, and there were also people who respected the throne. In those days, Dayu cast nine tripods and set the nine States, in an attempt to gather all the gods from the long river of time and space through the ages, according to the human body to the gods. His handwriting was not inferior to that of the first emperor. Although it failed in the end, the Nine Tripods Dafa was handed down. Xiang Yu used Jiuding Dafa to rebel against the nature and the way of the Son of Heaven's Kendo, and changed it to the way of the sword. In terms of power alone, not only was it not reduced, but it was still too much. Without the blood of a real dragon, he transformed his human body into the body of a virtual God, which led to the second practitioner of the Way of Heaven's Kendo. Now the spirit of the human world has withered, the turbid gas has grown, and the world of mortals is full of pernicious influence. Although martial arts are not fake, it is also relatively speaking. Therefore, the decline of martial arts in the world is not entirely due to the loss of martial arts. Snatch to now also have a period of time, it is because slowly clear the state of the moment, Xiang Yu heard that someone can practice the son of heaven to see will be surprised. True dragon blood? Eyes flashed a touch of light, Xiang Yu some pondering asked. Bai Qi undisguisedly nodded, for people at their level, it is obviously ridiculous to do useless work on such a problem that can not be concealed at all. The first emperor is the first emperor. I thought he was defeated in the battle of Sanxian Island. He really had no chance to turn over. I didn't expect that he had left a foreshadowing. Xiang Yu's words are somewhat sarcastic and respectful. BaiQi noncommittal, Xiang Yu as a great Yu, and nine tripod Dafa, not without reappearance of great Yu's last wish, gathered all things in the nine States motherboard beliefs, the big attempt to rebuild the world, this and the first emperor to humanity instead of heaven is different but to God instead of heaven, there is a fundamental conflict, now the cooperation is also just this kind of conflict is in the final stage Now the common enemy is too powerful to allow them to fight among themselves. Now that the overlord agrees, let's start at once. It must be time for Heshi Bi to return to my hands. This book is first published on Zongheng Chinese Network, and readers are welcome to log on to to view more excellent works. Chapter One Inquiring "Fan?"? What mystery? Chen Chen asked without a clue. Xu Tingxuan stepped back a few steps, and the red tide on her face gradually receded. Then she said to Chen Chen, "I don't know. I came in a hurry, and the master didn't make it clear. She only said this word to me, and then went to retreat." Touching his chin,polyfoil tube, Chen Chen said thoughtfully, "I'm afraid the second game won't be so simple. Most of the people who were eliminated in the first game were evil people. Of the 100 people left behind, decent people accounted for more than three quarters. The second game is said to be the topic of evil people. It's certainly not so simple." 。



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