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"Or the weather and the air.". The sky is for Qi and Yang, so the minister made a big ball with cowhide and passed it through a tube. Charcoal was burned under the tube. The charcoal heated the gas and passed it into the balloon. The air in the balloon is hot and sunny (in fact, the more it goes into the air, the colder it gets. What should we do? We have to fool around). So the ball will rise by itself, but the air is still very light, but the person is very heavy, so the ball should be big, very big. Tried it and it worked. So it was propped up in the shape of a bird with a tree stick, and the paper was put in the copper juice, covered with gold, and minced. Before the big alliance meeting, looking at the wind direction, when the son minister blew the horn, let Zhu Sima play a musical instrument of a sh shì guard on the winch under the balloon. One imitated bird calls with musical instruments, and the other scattered scraps of paper. Otherwise, this alliance will not succeed. There will be disputes and wars. By doing so, we can keep a little safe for a few years. But the father emperor, cannot make public, once makes public, the son minister this painstaking in vain. "You this." This did not say anything, but Wu Zetian laughed and gave him a hard knock on the head. Li Zhi was stunned at first, and then a strange smile appeared on his face. He also said that you shot and killed a brave general of Tubo. Wu Zetian said again. Mother, don't you know how much weight your son has? That night, the Tubo people were not right either. They were not stingy with their men. The attack was tight. Forty or fifty thousand people were attacking before and after the camp. There were enemies everywhere outside the fence. Maybe you can shoot people with your eyes closed. I wanted to slow down the enemy's morale, so I informed General Xue a little late. Seeing that the attack was tight, he shot an arrow. It was also the first time that he saw this scene. He was nervous. By chance, he shot an ordinary Tubo cavalry. At that time,heavy duty warehouse rack, I was astonished. I shot a rabbit at Mount Li. Nine of the ten arrows were empty. How could this arrow be so coincidental? As for what general, that is a rumor, mother, you also believe? Wu Zetian bent down and laughed again. After laughing, she said, "You are the crown prince. Now the imperial court is Shoucheng, not Emperor Taizong. That is the founding of the country.". You can go to battle, but you can't go to the dangerous city in person. You took some risks that day. Besides, it's a morale boost to go into battle,heavy duty racking system, so you don't have to do it yourself. "Yes.". But my son brought a few more gifts to his father and mother. "All right, take a look." Li Wei went out and ordered Shshi Wei to take out the things in the car, several boxes. In the first box, one or two large gems, an emerald and a ruby, were presented to him by a tribal chief. Inside the second box were two pieces of cloth, a beautiful tapestry of fine feathers and silk. Of course, the price is more beautiful. Looked, Wu Zetian said: "Yes, you are more sensible." Then stare at the third box. Li Wei says mysteriously: "Father emperor, mother queen, but a good thing.". This is the real gift that my son gave to his father and mother. Originally intended to please the mother, but in the heart guess father is too tasty, actually very speechless, as if he is the prince, do not need to compete with courtiers, you are the emperor, what merit to compete with his wife and son? But no way, and Lao Tzu stalemate, Cantilever Storage rack ,Pallet rack beams, or their own losses, and what about the four women? Yang Sijian and Xu Qizhen must be called back. If they are not called back, they cannot be placed in Lingnan. It all requires a father's nod. As for such a gift, in the end, whether the father takes the credit or the mother takes the credit, he will not care. But I'm sure I won't give it to myself. The first two things, already good, can catch up with the tribute, what will be the last thing? "Open it," said Wu Zetian. Li Wei slowly opened the box. After reading the book review, I would like to say that there is no Lu Shi. I have read a lot about the history of Tubo, and Tubo also had pro-Tang ministers. It was Lu Dongzan and his son who counterattacked the Tang Dynasty. Wu Lu was not very disgusted with the Tang Dynasty, and after killing Lun Qinling, he did not take the initiative to provoke many wars. Then, after her death, the Tang Dynasty counterattacked. (I even wonder if she would let Wu Zetian and Li Xian drink a pot if she joined hands with Moxie.) After Lun Gong Ren, the son of Lun Zanpo and Lun Qinling, defected to the Tang Dynasty, especially the descendants of Lun Gong Ren, there were many famous generals in the Tang Dynasty. This account is somewhat confused. No, Lu Shi has other arrangements. Important arrangements. Prompt. It will be of great help to the Tang Dynasty. And as the Li family, must not say not my race, its heart will be different, can only say that the side of the bed, the side of the bed, how to allow others to snore sleep (Zhao Kuangyin quotation), is not a national contradiction, is the contradiction between the enemy and ourselves. Besides, Li Hong is famous for his benevolence, and he doesn't know her actual identity. He won't even let a woman go. What will his trusted followers think? A spy, a poor spy, the protagonist can not tolerate, Pei Xingjian Di Renjie can not tolerate, but also in the use, just like looking at an ugly, if indignant, will it be Di Renjie and Pei Xingjian? The protagonist xxìng is just slow, calm, not soft, otherwise they would not agree with Xue Rengui's behavior of killing the Tiele clan, and all the protagonists did not beat when Xue Rengui pursued. I can't misinterpret the X xìng of the characters in my book. [Qi · Shu · Wang] Chapter 228 Valuable Gifts Are Not Broken (Part I) Chapter 228 valuable gifts are not broken (I). This gift is very valuable, not only valuable, but also a headache. Li Weixian took out two pieces of cut bamboo paper, a box, and opened the box mysteriously. The son was so strange that the couple had to stretch out their heads and look inside. It was some copper squares, the sky was dark, candles were lit, and Yangwen (anti-word) was not clear. Li Wei opened the box, that is, ink, not good, because block printing appeared, someone has come out. Li Wei doesn't know how to improve it. You can't print on the paper one by one. It's too laborious and may not be neat. So the method used is similar to the ancient method, using turpentine, wax and paper ash to make Yao agent, arranging the movable type in the frame, putting Yao agent on it, melting it with fire,Steel racking system, and flattening it with a flat plate. After cooling, it becomes a version. There should be a better way of typesetting, but Li Wei doesn't know.



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