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When the monsters heard the words, they dispersed in a hubbub, and in a moment, none of them left. Finally, in the middle of the continuous mountains, a man and a woman gathered the elixir in the mountains, and when the monsters saw the two men coming, they immediately turned around and left. The seventh watch, very tired, still want to spell the monthly ticket! (To be continued.) Chapter 1280 get out of here! At this moment, deep in the mountains where Kui and Su Jingwen collected the elixir, there was a huge peak hidden by the array, and from the foot of the mountain to the top of the mountain, there were rows of extremely luxurious and magnificent caves, which were extremely exquisite in architecture. On the summit of this mountain, there is a palatial palazzo of pale green. The hall is surrounded by numerous spirit pools and trees. In the palace, a man with a square face and blue hair was frowning as he listened to the report of a transformation demon. He sat on the right of the three chairs directly above the hall, while the middle and left chairs were empty. According to his seat,Diameter tape measure, he should be in the third place in the hall. Behind him stood two transformation demons, a charming woman and one with a moustache. When the demon who reported to the blue-haired friar finished speaking, he immediately stood aside with his hands down. The monk with a square face and blue hair frowned and thought for a long time before he said, "You said that the ten-level monster couldn't even make a move in front of him?" "Yes, but he seemed to have a sense of propriety and did not kill indiscriminately.". It was only when he was finally forced to be angry that he killed dozens of low-level demons. But put down the words, if you dare to follow him again, or stop him from looking for Lingcao,Fiberglass tape measure, don't blame him for being rude. The demon added again. Uh The blue-haired man nodded, then knocked on the armrest of the chair. After a while, he suddenly asked, "What do you think of Mei Niang and Su Feng?" "Lord of the Three Gods." The charming woman called a sentence, and then said with a glutinous voice: "That can defeat the ten-level monster in one move. It's obviously a true monk. He just crossed the robbery before. It should be the cultivation in the early stage of true cultivation.". That is to say, his cultivation is worse than that of the three gods, and it is also limited. When the charming woman said this, the blue-haired man's face was obviously somewhat unnatural, and it was obvious that what the woman said was somewhat exaggerated. He doesn't have the ability to defeat the level ten monster in one move. The woman named Mei Niang didn't seem to see the blue-haired friar's face. She still said to herself, "In addition, he didn't kill a lot, and he didn't even collect the demon elixir. He was obviously a foreign friar who knew how to behave. It was also tantamount to giving me the face of the mythical beast mountain.". And he is also very close to those low-level spirit grass, a look to know that this is still an outsider who has not seen the world. Plus the Great God and the Second God are not here, fish measuring tape ,Horse weight lbs, I mean. Seeing that the woman hesitated, the blue-haired friar was not very happy and said, "What is there to hesitate about? If you have something to say, just say it directly. What you said just now is very good." Hearing the words of the blue-haired friar, the charming woman said hurriedly, "Yes, Lord of the Three Gods. I mean, it's better to let him go.". Anyway, he is a foreigner, and he has collected some spirit grass and will leave soon. If we push him too hard, once he joins the other side of the river and comes back to deal with us, we will suffer. "Mmm." The blue-haired man nodded, then looked at another moustachioed monk and said, "What do you mean, Su Feng?" The eight-character beard man also nodded and said, "My idea is the same as Mei Niang's. The Great God and the Second God are not here. We'd better be cautious.". Besides, what he collects is only some important low-level spirit grass, and it is far from our limit, so I don't think it's necessary to care too much. It's just that there seems to be more than one monk here recently. I don't know if they're together. The man with a square face and blue hair waved his hand and said, "That's it. I don't have to worry about whether they are together or not.". There's no need to mess with him as long as he doesn't run into our limits. If there's anything, we'll talk about it when the eldest brother and the second brother come back. "Yes, Lord of the Three Gods." After the report of the demon Xiu respectfully answered, he immediately turned around and withdrew from the hall. ……“ Kui, what on earth is this place? Can I even see the eight-level spirit grass? Su Jingwen is more and more amazed, one of her rings has already piled up a lot of Lingcao at the moment. Kui nodded and said, "I also want to know where this place is. Up to now, there is no powerful demon repair or monster coming out. It should not be an important place, right?"? Wait a minute. I'll call a monster to ask. As soon as he wanted to find a demon to come over and ask, the divine consciousness swept over a group of colorful Ling and rushed up, bringing up violent fluctuations in the true yuan. When he saw the colorful Ling, he immediately knew that it was Tang Mengrao's magic weapon, which he had seen outside the city of Feihai. The range of Cai Ling's appearance was only a few dozen miles away from them, and he did not expect that Tang Mengrao had not died yet, and was even still fighting. But the mountains inside the God is blocked, and can not sweep far, if not to see the color Ling even do not know Tang Mengrao in the battle. When Su Jingwen saw him standing still, she asked doubtfully, "What are you looking at?" He looked back with a smile and said, "I didn't expect that Lord Tangmen hasn't died yet. He is now in a valley dozens of miles ahead.". She was even fighting, and I suspect she must have been surrounded by monsters. Do you think we should go to help? "Do you have to ask?"? Hurry over there. Su Jingwen hurriedly said, and urged. He nodded. "Well,Walking tape measure, go and see." Su Jingwen knew what she meant. She said with a smile, "Are you still angry about Ao Qiandie?"? Who doesn't protect the shortcomings? I guess you were just an ant in the eyes of Tang Mengrao. If you die, you will die. "Then you want me to help?" He looked at Su Jingwen doubtfully and asked.



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