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Back in the house, Fan picked up the scriptures copied by Xiao Siqi. There were two scriptures, which were written in official script and regular script respectively. Fan himself can only write with a brush, although now the society is using a pen, but he thinks that if the brush writes well, it will not be bad to write with a pen. As a matter of fact, he himself also knew that writing with a brush must be diligent and tireless, so as to avoid giving up halfway on a whim, to prevent arrogance and hypocrisy, and to avoid relying on talent and arrogance, which is also a kind of training for his mind. Yes, although it can not be called a force to send the end, note on the paper, but it is also a correct font, slightly small into "every child in the master's side was also forced by his master to practice more than ten years of brush writing, now can be called a generation of calligraphers is not too much, especially with a deep internal force, when writing more arbitrary, much stronger than the average calligrapher.". So he used his master's set on his disciples. Thank you for the master's praise. "Little Siqi is very happy. After several years of practice, his efforts have not been wasted. He can get the recognition of others. For children, no matter how hard it is, it is worth it.". Fan picked up another map of acupoints, took a look, and asked Siqi: "How should indigestion be needled" "Guanyuan, Changshu and Huiyin can be needled for five minutes." "Nausea, vomiting?" All the questions are common diseases. "Baihui, Xinshu, Yongquan, Weishu and Zusanli are needled for three minutes" "Typhoid abdominal distension, disharmony between yin and Yang, how to use medicine", when asked about the prescription,Magnesium Sulphate price, "use Platycodon grandiflorum, Pinellia ternata, Tangerine Peel each three money, five pieces of ginger, decoct two cups of water, into a cup can be taken." "What is Cistanche deserticola?" "Cistanche deserticola, also known as: meat floss, black life, smell: sweet, lukewarm, non-toxic,Magnesium Sulphate producer, Indications: 1, overstrain, sperm black face.". Use Cistanche deserticola four or two, boiled in water, cut thin and hard, stewed mutton to eat. 2. Kidney deficiency and white turbidity. Herba Cistanches, cornu Cervi Pantotrichum, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, and Poria are equally divide into powder, and rice paste is adde to make balls as big as Chinese parasol, 30 pills are taken each time, and jujube soup is taken. And 3, for constipation due to excessive sweat, grin 2 Liang of desertliving Cistanche and 1 Liang of agilawood powder into pow. Add pockmark Du juice paste into balls, take seven or eight pills each time, and take them with plain boiled water. 4. For tetanus, slice Cistanche deserticola, dry in the sun, and burn to fumigate the wound, with cumulative effect. Xiao Siqi spoke very quickly, and he blurted out what he had memorized by rote. Okay, let's call it a day. "Master, caustic calcined magnesite ,Magnesium Nitrate Fertilizer, can I learn other kungfu?" The little guy still likes new kungfu. In fact, it's a child's nature. The more novel things are, the more he likes them. " You are not afraid of'biting off more than you can chew '. It seems that as a teacher, I have to talk to you about Arhat Boxing. "Although I am happy that my disciple wants to make progress, I am afraid that his foundation is not stable, and he wants to be perfect but not refined." Luohanquan, one of the five famous boxing, is an integral part of traditional Chinese martial arts. Martial arts are martial arts, which are for kungfu, and are the body; martial arts are boxing, which are for technology, and are the use; the two cannot be separated. Martial arts and martial arts are combined. Martial arts have skills, and kungfu is manifested by boxing. Zen Arhat Quan emphasizes the integration of boxing and auspiciousness, the combination of kungfu and technology, and has the dual functions of health and attack. To measure the mind to be good is Zen; to forbid people to be evil is the fist. This is exactly the greatest characteristic of Arhat Boxing: strengthening the body and establishing the life, and understanding the mind of Zen. The martial arts and techniques of Arhat Boxing are based on the practice of pile frame, pulse cultivation, Qi movement, strength, strength, mind power, spiritual power, magic power and magical power. In the process of practicing the routine, we should practice repeatedly and carefully, and then combine the three times and nine times of the main points of kungfu, practice repeatedly, and we will get the skill for a long time. Once the real skill is practiced, the skill of arhat boxing will be available, and the whole process is "reborn, easy tendons and marrow, superb" three times the nine orders of kungfu. Therefore, Lin must practice according to the true face and steps of Luohan Quan, otherwise the true meaning of Luohan Quan is rare. See the little guy a look of being taught, but his eyes are rolling, knowing that the disciple is moved, even if he continues to practice Arhat Boxing in the future, he will be a little upset. So then way: "Well, I'll pass you other kungfu when I'm a teacher, but you can't put it down for a day. You have to wait until your Yi Jin Yi yuan Gong is practiced to the fifth level before it can be regarded as a great achievement. Moreover, Arhat Quan and Yi Jin Yi yuan Gong complement each other. Now you have reached the realm of the six meridians of Qi, and you will get twice the result with half the effort in the future. Do you remember?" "The disciple must practice more arhat boxing every day, but Shifu, what new kungfu did you pass on to me?" The little fellow refused to change his nature and ran after him. " As a teacher, although your foundation is not completely stable, you can also practice new kungfu, and you will pass on several new stunts: Stepping on Snow Without Trace, Bodhidharma Acupoint Hand, Bodhidharma Sword and Hidden Weapon. "From tomorrow on, don't take off the sandbags on your feet. In the future, sandbags should be tied on your hands and waist. With the deepening of practice, the weight of sandbags should also increase." Bodhidharma Acupoint Pressing, also known as "One Finger Zen Acupoint Pressing Skill", is a secret skill of Arhat. After learning this skill, you should not use it in front of people easily, because there are too few people who know how to press acupoints now, lest others treat you as a monster. "Sword: Since ancient times, the sword has been called" the king of a hundred soldiers ". In Buddhism, the sword is called" the magic weapon ". Bodhidharma swordsmanship is something that few people in Buddhism can learn completely. Of course, there is no sword outside now, but in order not to lose the unique skill of the grandfather, it will also be passed on to you." "As for the hidden weapons, the hidden weapons in the Arhat Gate are mainly Arhat money, throwing arrows, Arhat beads (stones) and so on. Arhat money is not available now, so we can use coins instead, and throwing arrows are too overbearing." Seeing the yearning look on the disciple's face, he couldn't wait to learn it all right away. Fan had no choice but to knock on him. "Go back to your room and meditate immediately. Get up early tomorrow morning to practice new kungfu. You'll be tired then!"! Don't go yet! Then Fan went back to his room, leaving Siqi alone in a daze,calcium ammonium nitrate price, fantasizing about learning a stunt. When Siqi saw that the master had gone back to his room, he had no choice but to go back to his room to finish the evening's homework-meditation and breathing. Volume 1 Youth Time Chapter 6 Yicheng One day in the mountains, ten thousand years in the world.



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