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The home team is now protecting the special forces. It can't be called the growth corridor anymore. It has to be called the ruins. Countless collapsed walls, corpses, rubble, broken metal, loud noises, monster howls and so on are intertwined to make it seem like a catastrophe is going on here. There was smoke all around, and the home team retreated to protect the way the special forces were coming and going. They were followed by countless monsters, which made the Demon Lord Baganda and Mutant Zero harass them constantly. Had it not been for the fact that the rest of the special forces had given all their thoughts to the home team, they would not have been able to break out of the monster's encirclement. The home team is really strong, has gone through such a long battle, and even once hit by the huge beam cannon at close range, which did not knock down the home team. However, this is not the reason why the home team is strong. The strength of the home team is strong, but the belief in his heart is stronger. Unless he is completely destroyed, it is impossible for him to stop moving forward. There are only two of Baganda's eight huge tentacles left now, and the other tentacles have been ravaged. Although they can grow again, it takes time, so the role it can play now is not as good as those endless subordinate demons. Go, go, go! Mutation Zero shouted. Although transcendence occupies the body of mutation zero,jacuzzi swim spa, it uses all the behavior and thinking modes of mutation zero. This is beyond the first possession of the vehicle, so it needs to do a lot of testing to improve. The body is occupied by only one of its countless active cell unit memory chips, after this test, regardless of success or failure, beyond the experience will be summed up, there will be tens of millions of "mutation zero"! By then, the E. M. S consortium will have a formidable power. Fortunately, this base can not transmit information,endless swim spa, otherwise the mutation zero can directly communicate with the main system of transcendence, so as to carry out wireless data transmission, so that even if it dies here now, all the experimental data will be known by transcendence, and transcendence will make appropriate adjustments and improvements accordingly. But now, because of this sudden situation, it has to find ways to preserve its strength, it can not accidentally die here, so beyond the main body will not get any useful information to make adjustments, so. Mutation Zero has to preserve its strength in order to save its life if necessary. Baganda! Don't care about your tentacles! Attack me! Mutation Zero shouted, aiming his arm cannon at the place where the fleeing special forces were most concentrated, and then opened fire! Since the appearance of Mutation Zero, this seems to be the only super move it uses. At present, it is only known that this move consumes a lot and takes a long time to recover, jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers ,endless pool swim spa, but it is impossible to judge whether Mutation Zero has other powerful attack moves. However, judging from the fact that Mutation Zero has made seven times of shelling without changing its face, this guy's mind power must be surprisingly strong. The home team judged this and then dodged to one side, and all the members of the special forces team were always watching this powerful attack. Because they're no better than the home team, and the home team can survive that kind of shelling, but they can't, especially if they don't have the motivation to protect them. But fortunately, the speed of the attack is very slow, it is not too difficult to avoid, the only trouble is that the attack will cause extensive damage, but also slow down their pace of progress. After escaping the shelling, the special forces got up from the ground and helped each other to run to the entrance of the base. Dongzun is carried by Aofan, while Dr. Moore is carried by Leng Xiao, but I don't know how long Dr. Moore can hold on. Leng Xiao has been using his own cells to help Dr. Moore recover, hoping that the doctor can survive to the end. The home team stayed in place to stop the monsters from attacking, and by the way, to stop Baganda's tentacles. With rich combat experience and dynamic skills, the home team has a lot of fighting tricks. For a while, these monsters can't break through the effective attack of the home team to the special combat team members. Even if there are individual monsters rushing past, the trouble caused is very small. So all the way to run and stop, until approaching the entrance of the base, under the efforts of mutation zero and Baganda, the special forces were surrounded again. At this moment, including the home team, everyone has been exhausted, although Ji can increase and speed up the recovery of power, but she also has a limit, after such a long time of consumption, she has been unable to stand. The situation is not good. Youan wiped the corners of his mouth, where there were blood marks that had been dried long ago, and there was no time to wipe them all the way just now. Let's fight! Some of the special combat team members pleaded. Nope The home team roared back, "Wait!" "Do you expect reinforcements to rescue you?" Mutant Zero pushed aside the monster pile and came over. "The leader, we'll fight one-on-one. If you win, I can let you experience the pleasure of gene expansion. If you lose, you can only be torn to pieces to fill your stomachs!" "Is it?" The home team gasped. He stepped forward and said, "Didn't you ever think you'd be buried in this base?" "Ha!"! Do you think it's possible? After Mutation Zero said this, all the undamaged lighting facilities in the whole base suddenly flashed collectively, and then the surrounding space began to creak, and all the monsters began to turn around to find the source of the sound, including the special forces and Mutation Zero. What's wrong Mutation zero said doubtfully. He found it! The home team raised its eyebrows. "Good!" The home team turned around and shouted, "Ao Fan!"! Get everyone out of here! Go straight back to base! "Yes!" Aofan shouted and rushed out with the crowd. Although he knew it was an impossible task, as long as it was the order of the home team, Aofan obeyed it unconditionally. Aren't you going to be one-on-one with me? Then come on! The home team's conflict turned to zero provocation. Then, the home team's figure suddenly one flower, unexpectedly must disappear from the original place. Space transmission? Mutation zero shame smiled, "little trick!"! Look at me! With that,jacuzzi bath spa, the body of mutation zero, like the home team, also disappeared from the original place.



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