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Detect Catastrophic Hot Runner and Molding Machine Nozzle Leaks

Detect Catastrophic Hot Runner and Molding Machine Nozzle Leaks with AIRTECT

Injection molds and machines run at high pressures, often between 10,000 and 30,000 psi, so the plastic flow path must be seamless to prevent leaks. Otherwise, leaks will cause machine downtime, maintenance to replace and clean the plastic residue, and the replacement of ruined heater bands and thermocouples. Intangible costs of leaks include reputational damage due to late deliveries, and stress on maintenance and tooling personnel having to deal with these issues.

AIRTECT Plastic Leak Alarm System

Few injection molders know that a simple warning system exists that can detect plastic leaks: AIRTECT is a cost-effective device that monitors air flow through small stainless steel sensor tubes mounted in the mold or on the machine nozzle. Whenever air flow is interrupted or reduced, it will sound an alarm and send an alarm signal.

See how AIRTECT works here.

Low-Cost Solutions with the AIRTECT Modular System

Protect all of your hot-runner molds with the latest low-cost solutions from AIRTECT. You get the same great plastic leak detection at a price that won't break the budget. Instead of a controller and fixed manifold for each mold, the AIRTECT Modular System requires only one controller and modular manifold per machine and a manifold base per each mold. The modular manifold is a quick-release system that attaches to the manifold base on each mold to detect plastic leaks in all of your molds that will run in a machine.

If you want to make it even more cost effective, then try the AIRTECT Modular Stand-Alone System. This setup doesn't require a controller and requires only one modular stand-alone manifold per machine and a manifold base per each mold.

High ROI

Installation is straightforward for new and existing hot-runner systems and, with an LED display, you can view the status of your mold and molding machine. This solution provides 24-hour protection and peace of mind for injection molders that can’t afford downtime. From automotive to medical to food packaging and other industries, AIRTECT offers a valuable safeguard against plastic leaks starting under $1,000 – protecting you from problems that could cost 10x or more of what an AIRTECT system costs.

Check out our complete AIRTECT Catalog & Guides, which includes the AIRTECT Catalog, Installation Guide, Presentations, Programming, Configurations and more.

Contact us to learn more about detecting leaks with AIRTECT


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