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FREE WEBINAR: Solving Data Communication Challenges on the Factory Floor

Join us on October 3 at 1:00 PM ET for our next Packaging World webinar, Solving Data Communication Challenges on the Factory Floor. We'll delve into how HMS/Ewon’s outbound connection methodology will ease the security concerns that your IT department would have in introducing a connected device to the plant floor.

Meet the dynamic lineup of speakers who will be driving the conversation:

Brian d'Ingee -

OEM Business Manager, HMS Networks

Brian d’Ingee joined HMS Networks in 2020 to manage product distributors in the Western United States and has years of experience working with companies in the Industrial Automation industry. In his current role as OEM Business Manager, he’s focused on providing manufacturers with industrial communications solutions, leveraging the appropriate combination of HMS products and services

Dave Montesano -

Director of OEM Sales, HMS Networks

Dave Montesano joined HMS Networks in 2015 and serves as the Director of Sales for HMS Networks’ Americas OEM Sales Team. He has over 10 years of experience in Industrial Automation and 8 years of experience applying industrial communication and IIoT technologies leveraging Anybus, Ixxat, and Ewon solutions backed by HMS Engineering services.

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Package Design or Development/Brand Management



Plant Management

CEO/Gen Mgr/Other Senior Mgmt

Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Regulatory Affairs, Validation/Compliance





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