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Single Layer PCB Manufacturing in Malaysia

単層 PCB, Single Layer PCB in Malaysia

A single layer PCB is a type of printed circuit board that has only one layer of conductive material, typically copper, on one side of the board. The other side of the board is used to mount electronic components and connect them electrically. Single layer PCBs are also known as single-sided PCBs.

Why Choose Malaysia for Single Layer PCB Manufacturing?

Malaysia is one of the fastest-growing countries in the electronics industry, especially in the field of PCB manufacturing. According to a report by PCB Directory, Malaysia has become the world's 11th largest PCB exporter. There are many reasons why Malaysia is an attractive destination for single layer PCB manufacturing, such as:

- Low-cost and high-quality labor force: Malaysia has a large pool of skilled and experienced workers who can produce high-quality PCBs at competitive prices.

- Advanced technology and equipment: Malaysia has invested heavily in developing its infrastructure and facilities for PCB manufacturing, such as clean rooms, testing labs, surface mount technology (SMT) machines, and automated optical inspection (AOI) systems.

- Strong government support and incentives: Malaysia has a favorable business environment and policies for PCB manufacturers, such as tax exemptions, duty-free imports, export incentives, and industrial zones.

- Strategic location and logistics: Malaysia is located in the heart of Southeast Asia, which makes it easy to access other major markets and suppliers in the region. Malaysia also has a well-developed transportation network and ports that facilitate the shipment of PCBs.

Top Single Layer PCB Manufacturers in Malaysia

There are many single layer PCB manufacturers in Malaysia that offer various services and capabilities to meet different customer needs. Here are some of the top single layer PCB manufacturers in Malaysia based on their reputation and quality:

single layer PCB Manufacturing in Malaysia
PNE PCB Berhad

PNE PCB Berhad: With an industry experience of more than 40 years since 1976, our team of experienced engineers and state of the art facilities guarantees the kind of top notch products that you would expect.

PNE started as a small printed circuit boards manufacturer known as Print N Etch Mfg Co in 1976.

Since then, we have grown into a group of companies with a wider range of products and with customers spanning across the globe from Japan to the United States of America and Europe.

Currently the group have both manufacturing facilities in Malaysia and China to support our local and overseas customers. Contact us for more details and RFQs.

Asia Printed Circuit Sdn Bhd: This company was established in 1994 and has gained a reputation as one of the most committed high-quality printed circuit board manufacturers in Malaysia for prototypes and small & medium production with fast and prompt delivery¹. It adopts IPC-A-600G Jul. 2004 Standards and its PCBs and processes are certified by UL. It also complies with RoHS & REACH directives and lead-free application¹.

Inovus Technology: This company was founded in 1993 and has more than 10 years of experience as a trusted engineering company in the semiconductor industry¹. It offers services such as design, fabrication & assembly (reverse engineering), troubleshoot & repair services, preventive maintenance, and source, guarantee & supply (SGS)¹.

Jaavin Electronic Solution Sdn. Bhd: This company was established in 2012 and provides one-stop solutions for circuit board design, development & manufacturing¹.


Single layer PCB manufacturing in Malaysia is a booming industry that offers many advantages for customers who are looking for low-cost, high-quality, and fast delivery of PCBs. There are many single layer PCB manufacturers in Malaysia that have different capabilities and services to cater to various needs. Some of the top single layer PCB manufacturers in Malaysia are PNE PCB Berhad, Asia Printed Circuit Sdn Bhd, Inovus Technology, Jaavin Electronic Solution Sdn. Bhd, and Seki Aoi Techno.


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