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Use Case – Fuel Retailer in APAC 700+ service stations | 30-50 new stores per year

OPT to android-based terminals. Use Case – Fuel Retailer in APAC 700+ service stations | 30-50 new stores per year


• Existing OPT/IPT had reached end of

life, desire to consolidate terminal estate

and modernize payment platform

• Replacement of 2,000+ IPT and 6,000+


• Consolidation and modernization of

terminal estate with enhanced

integrations with banks, cards including

fuel, loyalty, eWallets and APMs.

• Produce retrofit kits for major fuel

dispenser brands


• New 8,000 android-based terminals

• Superior core network connectivity uptime

• Operational speed, reliability, and security were

dramatically improved

• Sites running smarter and faster

• New capabilities enabled and supported

including loyalty payment acceptance and at the

pump advertising

Solution: End to End Managed Payment Infrastructure

Payment Acceptance

• Integrated, android-based Outdoor Payment Terminal (OPT) Kits and Indoor

Payment Terminal (IPT) - Fully PCI PTS 6.x compliant, integrate with a range of fuel

pump providers and feature a full color touchscreen compatible with digital

advertising options.

• QR Code acceptance for local wallet – TouchnGo , Boost, GrabPay acceptance

Google Pay and Apple Pay also supported

• Loyalty Card & Fleet Card Acceptance

Network Connectivity

• Highly redundant and always-on secure connectivity through TNS’ PCI DSS

Certified network

Transaction Orchestration

• Integration to acquirers/processors and PSP partners agnostically

• Support for credit/debit/prepaid and gift cards, alternative payments, including

wallets and other account-based methods

• Smart routing capabilities to ensure cost efficient, secure and reliable payment

• Digital signage and advertising platform integrated with payments

Delivered as a Service

• Self-servicing platforms to manage and view transactions

• 24x7x365 monitoring with four Network Operations Centers (NOCs) globally

• End-to-end operational, fail-over, fulfillment and security support services

• Installation & field services managed by TNS


• Forecourt controller integration with the OPTs/IPTs

• Integration with an advertising multi-media digital platform to enable targeted

promotions at the pump

• Integration to third-party POS/BOS to generate reports utilizing transaction


Security and Certifications

• EMV certified and P2PE validated solutions

• Level 1 PCI DSS certified provider


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