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Outdoor Payment Terminal


• Slim and Compact

• Matte Black

• Texture Surface Finish

• Anti Glare Screen

• Build In Audio System

• Easy to Install (Plug & Play

Outdoor Payment Terminal OPT in Malaysia


•Android OS

•P2PE Compliance

•ATEX Certified

•UV Stabilized

•Water Leak Proof

•PC + ABS Plastic

Outdoor Payment Terminal OPT for unattended kiosk


Out OPTs are customize to customer needs.

Self Service Outdoor Payment Terminal OPT


• Touch Screen

• Credit Card Slot

• Contactless Transaction

• OR & Barcode Scanner

• Integrated Sound

• Receipt Printer

Outdoor Payment Terminal OPT for Gasoline Station


P2PE, or point-to-point encryption, is a security standard developed by the Payment Card Industry (PCI) to ensure that payment card data is encrypted from the start to the finish of a transaction.

P2PE Outdoor Payment Terminal

Unattended POS System and Apps

TNS Outdoor payment terminal:  POS system is designed to help customers to order and pay using self-service system (unattended payment service). Self-service terminal POS may contain different content depending on the customer needs.

OPT and IPT for Unattended POS

Outdoor Payment Terminal OPT in Malaysia

The market for outdoor payment terminals is expected to expand significantly over the coming years as a result of increased adoption of the payment infrastructure, EMV standards, and a shift away from point-of-sale (POS) devices toward outdoor payment terminals because of their ease of use and contactless payment option.

The market for outdoor payment terminals is expanding as a result of rising use of technologies like ML and AI and customer conveniences like faster transaction speeds and ease of use. The work-from-home culture and e-commerce have helped the OPT industry expand in the middle of the epidemic. The use of outdoor payment terminals is expanding, and it is anticipated that it will pick up steam among customers and establish itself as a competitive payment option. Based on the total installed base, the Outdoor Payment Terminal Market in Malaysia is categorised and is projected to expand at a CAGR of XX% (Contact us for more details) between 2021 and 2025F.

Installation and Adoption Rate of Outdoor Payment Terminals OPT in Malaysia

Installation and Adoption Rate of Outdoor Payment Terminals OPT in Malaysia

Installation of Outdoor Payment Terminals Year Over Year: The convenience and user-friendly interface of outdoor payment terminals, combined with their profitability for both EV charging stations and petrol stations, are likely to lead to an increase in their installation year over year.

Outdoor payment terminal adoption rate (based on consumer behaviour): Consumer acceptance of the outside payment terminals is high in both convenience stores and gas stations.

Outdoor Payment Terminal Industry Research Report for Malaysia (Contact us for more details) 

Future Outlook and Projections for PCT and EV Charging Payment Terminal Market Growth (Contact us for more details) 

In the near future, the number of gas stations and EV charging stations will have an impact on the market for outdoor payment terminals. Fuel stations will become less necessary as EVs become more widely available and less expensive as infrastructure and worries about charging EVs alter. The number of fuelling stations and EV charging stations is anticipated to increase over the period 2021 to 2025F at a CAGR of XX% and XX%, (Contact us for more details) respectively, in the near future.

Key Target Audience

Outdoor Payment Terminal Providers 

Outdoor Payment Terminal Distributors

Payment Processing Companies

Payment Switch Companies

Fuelling Stations

Convenience Stores

EV Charging Stations

Research organizations and consulting companies

Government bodies such as regulating authorities and policy makers

Organizations, forums and alliances related to OPT Terminal

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