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OPT Outdoor Payment Terminal for Petrol Station.

You may easily sell fuel at unmanned gas stations and service stations after hours using an OPT (Outdoor Payment Terminal). It is simple to install, with a sizable touch screen display, and user-friendly on-screen menus.

People can pay with PayWave or a card and PIN because it accepts all of the major credit and debit cards.


• Capability to control any fuel dispenser at a gas station (fuel sales) using both an outdoor payment terminal (OPT) and a point-of-sale (POS) system.

• OPT can operate independently during the night (or during daily breaks) without a POS system (economy of expenditures on service personnel)

• Application of PTS controller of fuel dispensers and ATG systems allows control over a large number of diverse fuel dispensers and ATG systems using proprietary communication protocols. Remote data gathering and analysis in corporate office apart from POS system and from OPT.

• The use of POS software for gas stations opens up a world of options for automating gas stations and storage depots.

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