R&D/Leverage partners with Brazilian mold makers

Orlando, Fla. — R&D/Leverage, which makes tooling for packaging and offers design and brand development services, is partnering with two mold makers in Brazil to expand into South America. Leading the move is Michael Warkentien, who grew up in Brazil and has a long history of working in packaging in the country. R&D/Leverage hired Warkentien last April as director of Latin America business. He speaks fluent Portuguese. Earlier this year, R&D/Leverage signed agreements with two Brazilian injection mold shops: Biomec in Joinville in Santa Caterina state, and Artis Matriz in Curitiba in Paraná state Biomec will make molds for injection stretch blow molding and injection blow molding. Artis Matr

Families around the world join war on plastic - in pictures

To celebrate World Environment day, Reuters photographers met people from Athens to Singapore trying to play their part as the war on plastics becomes a key political topic Eight million tonnes of plastic - bottles, packaging and other waste - are dumped into the ocean every year, killing marine life and entering the human food chain, the United Nations Environment Program said in December. While governments and retailers started clamping down on plastic bags through bans and small fees more than a decade ago, the focus has now increasingly turned to eradicating throwaway items such as straws and takeaway food and drink packaging. Faced with shops full of food and other goods swathed in plas

Reducing Plastic as a Family

Sponsor Keiteq Co., Ltd. : Plastic Mold Maker in Thailand Your family might use plastic straws, water bottles, and bags for just a few minutes, but those items don’t disappear when they’re thrown out. Single-use items like these account for more than 40 percent of plastic waste, and each year about 8.8 million tons of plastic trash flows into the ocean. This waste endangers wildlife, pollutes the water, and puts human health at risk. The stats are frightening, but you’ve got a secret weapon to curb your family’s plastic use: your kids. Many children care deeply about wildlife—they certainly don’t want to watch a sea turtle suffocate from a plastic straw—and kids understand they’re inheriting

Coca Cola, Infosys, others pledge to beat plastic pollution in India

"We have pledged to recover and recycle one package for every single one that we put out in the market by 2030," Coca-Cola India and South West Asia Vice-President (Public Affairs and Communications) Ishteyaque Amjad said. Make you Pledge Here Several companies like Coca-Cola, Infosys and Hilton among others have pledged to address the growing problem of plastic pollution. The government is sensitising the issue on the occasion of the World Environment Day on June 5 with the theme 'Beat plastic pollution'. "We have pledged to recover and recycle one package for every single one that we put out in the market by 2030," Coca-Cola India and South West Asia Vice-President (Public Affairs and Comm

5 Things You Need to Know About the Movement to Ban Plastic Straws

The EU just proposed a ban on the plastic straws and cutlery that litter our oceans and end up in landfills. Is the U.S. next? On Monday, while most of the country was kicking back and celebrating Memorial Day, the European Union proposed a ban on plastics—in particular utensils and straws—that are clogging the world’s beaches and oceans with litter. The ban would be the first major move by a world power to help curb the amount of plastic people use in their daily lives. The proposal didn't come out of nowhere, however. Over the past few months, there has been a growing outcry to ban plastic—especially plastic straws—from not just individual businesses but also entire cities. Alaska Airlines

Californians may have to request plastic straws at eateries

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Sit-down restaurants in California may soon stop automatically providing disposable plastic straws with drinks unless customers request them. The state Assembly advanced a bill Wednesday that would require dine-in restaurants provide single-use plastic straws only upon request. Plastic straws contribute to the buildup of trash in the oceans, a major environmental and public health problem, Assemblyman Ian Calderon said. Fish and whales ingest plastic particulate, which can kill them or cause plastic to enter the human food supply when marine animals that have eaten plastic are consumed by people, he said. The Whittier Democrat described his bill as a "small step, bu

Trump tariffs put U.S. plastics companies at risk, says industry association

The response to the Trump administration’s announcement today that it would go forward with imposing tariffs on imports of steel and aluminum from Canada, the European Union and Mexico was swift and often harsh. Senator Ben Sasse (R-Neb) called it a “dumb” move. Republican governor of Ohio John Kasich asked on Twitter, “By imposing damaging tariffs, do we really want to treat our allies like enemies? That’s not how America leads.” And from that paragon of politeness to our north, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the tariffs “totally unacceptable.” Referencing the Trump administration’s justification that the tariffs amounted to a national security measure, Trudeau added, “Canadians have

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