Mold Design Service In Thailand

We provide plastic mold design only services. Our design team is lead by a 20 years experienced Japanese designer and we have 5 years of experience in plastic injection mold design in Thailand. ​ Our designers are from Japan, Malaysia and Thailand. We provide design services for; 2 plate mold design 3 plate mold design Cold runner mold design Hot runner mold design Complex mold with multiple sliders, core/cavity back Just provide us the DFM (Design For Manufacturing), Mold Specifications, part 2D and part 3D. The mold will be designed in Thailand by our designer and sent to Japan for review before submission to our clients. Contact us at: Mold Design Service in Thailand

Aluminium Mold For Plastic Injection

Designing perfect plastic parts Off late, there has been a rather increase in the use of plastic injection molding process for manufacturing of different plastic parts. The process is considered to be advantageous in many ways, particularly for its cost benefits and reduction of manufacturing time. Used to manufacture high precision and superior quality plastic parts in large volumes and low costs, plastic injection molding is a process that offers versatile solutions for a whole range of applications. That being said, using aluminium mold for plastic injection molding is a common practice. Use of aluminium as the mold material further improves the cost advantage as well as provides longevit

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