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Aluminium Mold For Plastic Injection

Designing perfect plastic parts

Off late, there has been a rather increase in the use of plastic injection molding process for manufacturing of different plastic parts. The process is considered to be advantageous in many ways, particularly for its cost benefits and reduction of manufacturing time. Used to manufacture high precision and superior quality plastic parts in large volumes and low costs, plastic injection molding is a process that offers versatile solutions for a whole range of applications. That being said, using aluminium mold for plastic injection molding is a common practice. Use of aluminium as the mold material further improves the cost advantage as well as provides longevity to the mold.

plastic injection mold manufacturer in Bangkok, Thailand


We are a precision plastic injection mold supplier in Thailand with the capability to design and build inexpensive and efficient molds to produce your parts, and the modern efficient machinery to mold your parts efficiently, accurately and inexpensively. Quality is a hallmark of our operation, with quality system equivalent to ISO-9000 in-place to ensure our production meets your requirements.

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