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Edible Oil Bottle Cap

Fed-up with broken or hard to pull “Ring Pull Caps”? Our new revolutionary “On-Touch On-Press Caps” will bring smiles to your kitchen! Our Caps is lightweight and 100% recyclable, while also being more convenient for consumers. The Caps very practical to serve cooking oil, olive, soy, peanut, or any other oil and very suitable for liquefied sauces and dressings. The Caps comes tamper-evident features and seal shall be pressed to release the spout. We can personalize the Caps for your own brands logo engravings and different colors, please contact us!

On Touch On Press Caps!

Yes, when we say "on touch on press" practically is very simple and easy to use while also being more convenient for consumers. Consumers can just use one hand and just press with their thumb to open the seal. 

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Temper Evident Features and Seal

The range also includes tamper-evident and child-resistant closures.

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Light Weight!

Next-generation Caps, which weigh approximately 30% less than the previous design (3.2g instead of 4.5g) across its entire 1 liter Edible Oil Caps range.

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