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We are an EMS provider with a selection of contract manufacturing services for end-to-end manufacturing services, including the sourcing and procurement of parts and components, production, assembly, testing, packaging, and direct shipment fulfilment. Our manufacturing contracts are primarily turnkey deals where we deliver finished box builds.

Along with providing parts and components for our box-built consumer and industrial electronics products, we also provide supporting services for our EMS operations, where we manufacture aluminium die casts on-site.

EMS service in Malaysia

Industrial electronic products

Wireless communication equipment including point-to-point/point-to-multiple-point antenna devices, interface and gateway devices, and microwave antenna devices.

Smart utility data collection equipment including gateway devices, repeaters, remote readers and transceivers,
POS terminals. 

Others including LED lighting products, digital vending machines and portable printer power desks.


Includes electrical and electronics, plastics injection moulding, secondary process and metal stamping manufacturers.


Consumer electronic products

Household appliances mainly cordless vacuum cleaners; and

Electronic cigarettes including pod-based electronic cigarettes which comprise devices and refill pods, as well as disposable cigarette sticks.

EMS and box build product service in Malaysia
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