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Plastic Injection Moldingプラスチック成形メーカー

We joined hands with local SMEs with the modern efficient machinery to produce plastic parts efficiently, accurately and inexpensively. As a prominent Injection molding in Thailand, die and mold manufacturer in Thailand, we are sure to meet any of your requirement for die and mold making. Our strength is our capability to design and produce intricate molds for injection molding with the internal molding capacity from 40Tons to 650Tons (850T to 1,600T injection machines are outsourced). We can produce cool runner to hot runner, single color molds with the best quality. Our production factory quality system is ISO 9000 certified ensuring that you get the best of the products from us.


Keiteq Machines List

T&P Inter-Keiteq


Process: Plastic Molding, Blow Molding, Print & Sub-Assy

Location: Bangplee, Samutprakarn, Thailand



Process: Plastic Molding, Blow Molding, Print & Sub-Assy

Location: Navanakorn, Ayuthaya, Thailand



Process: Plastic Molding, Print & Sub-Assy

Location: Rayong, Thailand

MG (Outsource 40T to 1,600T)

ISO9001, IATF16946, ISO14001

Process: Plastic Molding, Print & Sub Assy

Location: Bangbo, Samutprakarn, Thailand


Process: Diecasting, Machining & De-burring

Location: Samutsakorn, Thailand

Plastics have become a part of our everyday life. The low cost economics of plastic has made it as the best alternative for any metal part. Though manufacturing of plastic components by injection molding requires a heavy amount of investment for the die and mold part of it, the cost per plastic component manufactured is relatively very low when produced in high volumes. This enables plastic to share every moment of our human life in all things we use, ranging from the coffee mugs to the automobile dashboards.



The Injection molding process is a quite versatile one involving the melting of the raw pellets and injecting them into a split mold. The molten plastic is allowed to cool inside the mold to acquire the required shape. The mold is specifically split in order to facilitate the removal of the cooled down plastic product. The whole process of Injection molding is automated in order to have a high productivity rate. The die or the mold remains the heart of any component manufactured. It is this mold that provides complex shapes and precision to the plastic components manufactured. An Injection molding die is normally designed to produce identical components again and again for millions of times. A mold can have multiple cavities in it enabling it to produce multiple parts in each stroke.



Injection molding in Thailand industry is huge in itself since it comprises many of the major fields of engineering. Any Injection mold manufacturer is bound to have their own facilities comprising of the best design team involving high end CAD/CAM, best measurement facilities to check the molds manufactured for accuracies, capability to produce prototypes, facilities to machine the molds to the best accuracies, a material department to take care of material selection for the molds and good assembly capabilities for assembling the molds. Companies with added facilities like ability to provide a sample from the mold immediately after its production tends to provide an edge over its competitors.


auto gate cut, inner de-gating system, gate cut inside mould
auto gate cut, inner de-gating system, gate cut inside mould in Thailand


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