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We are very excited and glad to inform our dearest customers on our latest collaboration with our Malaysian counterpart on the auto de-gating system.

This system has been proven reliable and very efficient and it is getting huge success in mainland China & Malaysia as well as other parts of the world in a short time span. We are the sole agent for Yongwei and is promoting the system in Malaysia & Thailand and we had successfully installed and commissioned the system in Malaysia.

This system include a controller which is:

1)   Hydraulic oil driven

2)   Can set up the time line

3)   Simple and easy to operate

4)   Need minimum maintenance and not difficult to maintain

Our auto inner de-gating system can assist to replace  other de-gating cutting method such as:

1)   Manual cutting,

2)   Laser welding,

3)   CNC or punching tool,











This system can also assist to:

1)   Reduce labour cost,

2)   Achieve good yield (reduce reject to the minimum)

3)   Increase efficiency


We will also be providing good services such as:

1)   Moulding process solution to match tool design

2)   Participation of the whole mould design to installation of the die cutting system

3)   Good service on sales, design, manufacturing and after sales service

4)   Training for customer as well as guidance on site during installation of Auto de-gating system.

This is a very exciting moment for us as we strongly believed that this system is the perfect system for the plastic injection industry for this very moment and for the upcoming future.

For our dearest customers, we hope to hear from you soon on any inquiries for the mention system. If convenient, we can also arrange a visit to your company for further introduction of our company as well as the system.


Please feel free to contact us if you require more in depth details on the system.


We will be very glad to assist you on this matter.

inner mold de-gating system, autmated mold gate cut system, gate cut

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