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Biodegradeable Plastic

Globally, we produce an estimated 300 million tons of plastic every year and without doubt, plastic is really useful and we use it every day. However, what happens after we throw it away will lead a big problem for our planet. The main problem with plastic is that most of it is not biodegradable, it does not rot like paper or food so instead, it can hang around in the environment for hundreds of years. Yet, greener alternatives to conventional petrochemical-based plastics are hardly
see application nowadays.


Biodegradable bags are usually far more pricey than conventional plastic material. Therefore, we seek to take action on the global environmental problems of plastic pollution with innovative and cost-saving eco-friendly alternatives that contributes reducing the greenhouse effect without harming the environment and animals. Our product is a sustainable, affordable and an environmental friendly alternative to conventional plastic and paper bags.


Our breakthrough is its cost-effective technology designed for better environmental protection. With cautious selection of BIO RESIN that are renewable resources, We strive to inspire consumers to leave a greener legacy for our future generations with our products. The products are made mainly from cassava in combination with other organic ingredients. Our current product lines include merchandise bags, garbage bags and other packaging materials. These products claim of containing NO PLASTIC or PETROLEUM BASED which meets all international standards. This product will plug the gap which the plastic ban has created especially in the retail sector which has felt the impact of the ban specifically in the area of customer convenience. It will serve as an alternative to other plastic replacement products
such as paper bags.

Life Cycle of our Biodegradeable Products

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Biodegradeable Products

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