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Components & Parts of Injection Molding Machine

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Injection Molding Machine Parts and Functions

Below we will try to explain more about injection molding machine parts and their functions. We slide it into few main parts of injection machine for easies understand:

The clamping unit, injection unit, electronic unit, hydraulic system, protection guard parts. These parts are named by there fuctions on an plastic injection molding machine. And it`s most known by people worldwide.

The clamping unit`s function is to hold the plastic mold and offer the clamping force for mold holding pressure when the molten plastic injected into the mold.

The injection unit`s function is used to melt the granule plastic and mixed with colorant and inject it to the plastic injection molding mold. The electronic unit is the control system of injection plastic machine, you can think it as the brain of the machine and offer the interface to human.

The hydraulic system turns the power from electric motor to mechanism moving's, it`s the power supply chain on an plastic molding machine.

The protection guard is used to protect the machine from damage and keep human in safe for the machines movement and accidents.


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