Oil Majors Face Further Pain As Plastics Fall Out Of Fashion

Images such as this seal pup choking on fishing line have driven a backlash against plastic packaging that is set to translate into reduced demand for oil and gas. GETTY Oil and gas producers are preparing for a decline in demand for gasoline and diesel as electric cars replace fossil fuelled vehicles, but they have been taking solace in the thought that the petrochemicals market would still need a lot of oil as a feedstock. But now that source of demand may be under threat as well, thanks to the global backlash against plastics from both consumers and regulators. That’s the view of index provider and investment analyst MSCI, which says that “amid the shift toward electric vehicles and globa

The fire that started Lego

A freak accident destroyed Ole Kirk Christiansen’s carpentry shop. He came back with a plan to create cheap toys that went on to gain a worldwide fanbase. If there is one thing children the world over have played with, it would be Lego toys. The famous plastic interlocking toys company is based in Billund, Denmark. But Lego may not have existed if it was not for a fire. The journey of the Lego Group started in the carpentry workshop of Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1916. At first, the shop produced furniture such as ladders, stools and ironing boards. After a set of wood chips in the shop caught fire and burnt down the building, Christiansen had to start life anew. He chose to create inexpensive

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