Why Injection Mold Makers Need Lean Manufacturing

Lean manufacturing helps makers create lean techniques that can assist in building and maintaining most effectual manufacturing business. Lean manufacturing techniques enable cost cutting while improving on quality and production of items in the right quantity and at the right time. One of the key principles in lean manufacturing is to achieve such benefits while eliminating waste. Advertisement When we talk about plastic injection molding, the most obvious instances of wastage is manufacturing of defective parts. Defective manufacturing is a direct result of poor mold designing. From the beginning, the mold design should be rightly done. This will not only save you money and disappointment,

Injection molding class teaches Stanford students valuable lessons in mass production

Plastic objects made by injection molding are abundant and, for many of us, a constant presence in our everyday lives. Your phone case, toothbrush and the keys on your computer are all probably the result of mass production, which involves injecting molten plastic into molds. Those products are ubiquitous, but deceptively hard to make, students learn in the engineering class ME325: Making Multiples: Scaled Manufacturing Tooling. In it, students design and make molds for their own mass-produced parts. Read more....

3D printing inches closer to Holy Grail—series production of plastic parts without injection molds

Ever since 3D printing or additive manufacturing came on the scene about 30 years ago, the Holy Grail for that industry has been series production of plastic parts fast enough and cheap enough to eliminate injection molds and even the molding process. With the announcement at the RAPID 2017 trade show by Stratasys (Eden Prairie, MN) of its Continuous Build 3D Demonstrator process, that goal appears to be on the horizon. Read more... Back to Home Page: Plastic Mould fabrication In Thailand

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