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The innovative magnetic system for quick and uniform mold clamping

• Full metallic surface

• Monolithic construction

• 37 mm thickness

• GRIP effect

The magnetic poles are integral and active parts of the frame, creating a seamless, homogeneous, and impenetrable steel surface.
Highest quality The GRIP effect generates an additional magnetic attraction to the machine bed without affecting the magnetic force to the side of the mold, giving full uniform clamping of the mold without bending and deformation during molding operations
Monolithic technology

Made from a block of steel, without any fixing elements

Permanent-electro safety

The mold remains clamped even without power supply

Bi-directional circuit

Concentrated force and no magnetic leaks

Neutral frame

Ejector, injectors and proximity sensors are not influenced by the magnetic field

Grip function

A single block consisting of machine bed+magnet+mold

Thickness 37mm

Saves machine daylight

Uniformity and quality of molded parts

Uniform clamping throughout the mold surface

Quick and easy mold change

A single operator can safely complete the operation in a few minutes

Tailor made solutions

Our know-how can meet any special need

Advanced electronics

Operative safety to control the magnetic force

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