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Mold Design Service 新型設計

plastic mold design service in Thailand, mold design in Thailand タイでプラスチック金型設計

Our design is lead by a 20 years experienced Japanese designer.

We have more than 5 years of experience in plastic injection mold design in Thailand.

Our designers are from Japan, Malaysia and Thailand.

We provide design services for;
2 plate mold design
3 plate mold design
Cold runner mold design
Hot runner mold design

Complex mold with multiple sliders, core/cavity back 



Mold Flow Analysis Service流動快晴

タイでプラスチック金型流動快晴, plastic mold flow analysis in Thailand

We provide mold flow analysis design services for plastic part. We analysis following problems and propose improvement in part design.流動快晴

Gate type

Gate Position

Sink mark point

Weld line

Material Flow

Warping Analysis

Other details as per customer request.

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