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3D Metal Printing

metal 3D printing macine for printing services in Thailand
metal 3D printing service in Thailand

Advantages of AM for the tool making

  •             Freedom of design

  •             Hot spots or critical areas of the insert is able to implement conformal cooling system

  •             Productivity increased due to cycle-time reduction and better molding yield rate

  •             Part quality improved due to better cooling system through conformal cooling

  •             Better dimension stability

  •             Less deformation on the product

  •             High number of various cooling designs are possible

  •             Reduction of cost per plastic product

  •             Validation of benefits and results through simulation

  •             Flowrate analysis

  •             Identified hot-spot areas

  •             Insert life time improved due to better uniform cooling system

  •              – conformal cooling

Advantages of AM for the tool making

  • Prototype metal products

  • Low volume product 

  • Shaped insert

  • Main insert for molds

  • Complex Slider

  • Setting pins

  • Circular Inserts

  • Small inserts

  • Hot Nozzle Inserts

  • Hot mouth cover

  • Cold Head           

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