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PCB Manufacturing

Just a brief introduction, we are having our own plastic injection mold & molding company in Thailand for the past 12 years. Our trading section supply security seal/locks,  PCB, wire harness and small metal stamping/die-casting products. As for flex PCBs we will be able to supply if you are willing to consider buying from us. We have suppliers from Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia ready for audit and verification from your side if needed.


As for PNE PCB specializes in below product:

1.       Single Sided PCB ( with additional Carbon & Peelable Mask process)

2.       Double Sided Non-Plated Thru Hole PCB

3.       Double Sided Silver Thru Hole PCB (with Carbon process)

4.       Double Sided Copper Paste Thru Hole PCB


Kindly contact us if you are interested in giving us RFQ which we would greatly appreciate. And feel free to visit us in Thailand.


Single-Sided PCB


Double-Sided Non-Plated Thru Hole PCB


Carbon PCB


STH & Cupth PCB

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