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How to choose a translation company that will not fail, 10 points

By following these rules we can easily choose a translation company for translation.

1) What is the staff's response?

The response of translation company staff is an important point when selecting a contractor. The staff who respond by phone, email, etc. are not translators, but we listen to customers' requests, select the correct translator, and coordinate the entire translation work.

As a professional, we also play a role insincerely telling the customer's request whether or not it is possible. Due to this reason Übersetzungsbüro Profi Fachübersetzung is the best agency that fulfills all criteria discussed here for choosing the best translator. Professional translation agency for translations and interpreting have more than 35 years of experience in German country.

It's important to determine not only the quote and whether the company is famous or unnamed, but also whether the staff at the company's contact point is a reliable person.

2) Is the translation process clearly stated?

The translation process varies from company to company. The coordinator's system, response, and cooperation with translators also affect translation results and delivery dates. Cooperation between the coordinator and the translator is especially important.

If the coordinator just throws the work to the translator and the translator just translates ..., it cannot be said that the translation result will be surely affected and the customer's request will not be reflected. If both companies are familiar with each translation request, they will be able to respond well even in an emergency, and you can expect high-quality translation.

Make sure to check how your manuscript and media are managed, and if you have any questions, feel free to check by phone or email.

3) Is it the duty of a confidentiality firm?

Translated documents include not only treatises but also contracts and family register copies, which contain a lot of personal information. Of course, there is a duty of confidentiality because a third party other than yourself will get the document. Check if you have a "non-disclosure agreement (contract)".

There are still some companies that do not have this in place, and the lack of this system will definitely affect the translation results. You may want to contact the company, even if you don't need it.

A well-prepared company will provide samples and templates.

4) Is the translation fee clear from the beginning?

It's rare that the translation fee doesn't come to the end, but it seems that it's actually a rough estimate at first, and when it's finished, the amount is completely different.

Even if the estimate is cheap, it may incur additional charges and eventually become expensive, so check in advance. For that purpose, we ask you to make a concrete estimate, check it in detail such as its ease of understanding, accuracy of the charge, and whether it is based on the finish (* 2), and all the unclear points are resolved before the comparison and examination. We recommend that you keep it.

* 2 Finished base: Estimates are made by predicting the number of words (characters) after translation, not the amount of manuscript. In this case, it is only a rough estimate and is likely to result in increased costs.

5) Is the delivery date and delivery form appropriate?

If you are a contractor who offers a delivery date that is too short (for example, next day delivery, etc.), you may be contracting for the purpose of bulk orders. Inexperienced translators may translate and lead to poor quality, and delays may be reported.

As mentioned in (1), if the company has a solid translation process, it should also perform the final check, so for example, it cannot be easily promised that a request of 1000 words (characters) or more will be delivered the next day.

If you request a short delivery time because of the hurry, be a little careful if the translation company accepts it easily. In general, you should check with the translator in charge to make sure that the desired delivery date is possible.

Otherwise, a translator who does not have the knowledge to handle it may translate appropriately. It can be said that whether or not quality is important is also reflected in the response at such times.

6) Is the support system substantial?

There will be various circumstances such as sudden changes after the request, and in the case of submission of a treatise, there is a limit on the number of characters in the submission rules. Inexperienced companies and sales-oriented companies may not even be able to handle such cases due to additional charges.

Especially for submissions, first check the submission rules in advance.

It is also useful to ask "What if there is a sudden change?" When requesting a quote, even if there is no possibility of change. Here, too, you can see the cooperation between the staff and translators mentioned in (1).

7) Presence or absence of native check

Native check that seems to be taken for granted. However, as a matter of course, it is often delivered without a native check, or the native check is charged separately.

This applies not only to English, but to all languages ​​such as Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Be careful if you don't know the information about native check from the quote or homepage!

8) Is the handling field clear?

For example, even if a German person writes a treatise in German, it is very difficult to understand and write it correctly if he / she does not have the knowledge.

If the field of handling is not clear, it may be translated by a translator who has no knowledge of the field, so even if there is no grammatical problem in English, the difference from the German sentence may be clear. We cannot guarantee the quality of the technical terms that have been misinterpreted. It is usually revealed in the company profile and homepage.

9) Is the follow-up after delivery solid?

When the delivered item is unplanned, when there is a question about the translation content .. The response system of the translation company at that time was very important. Make sure that you can get in touch with us immediately by phone.

There is a difference from the author's intention ... Even professional translators do not have completely zero such cases. Therefore, please be sure to check it even after it is delivered. If you have any questions or requests, please contact us as soon as possible after delivery. What is important here is the response. Of course, the response is quick, and there are many companies that have restrictions on questions or are charged.

After-sales follow-up is important! Please check in advance.

10)Is the operating company information specified in detail?

Translation companies range from large to privately run, but it's important to know if the translation company is a reliable company.

Make sure that the company is not well-known or unnamed, but that the company's profile, location, representative name, contact information, etc. are clearly stated.

It is also important that the company has a proven track record. Is there a specific list of achievements (clients) on the website, etc.? This is a very important factor in measuring trust from clients. Normally, if the request is a one-time request, it will not be listed as a client list, so you can see what kind of company or institution is using it as a repeater.


If you are thinking of requesting a translation, you will probably write the manuscript and interact with the translation company in your busy life, so you may not spend much time choosing a translation company.

However, as a result of easily selecting a translation company and requesting it, due to the poor quality of the translation, it takes extra time and cost to make corrections or request another translation company. There is no doubt that the quality of the translation will be further improved with a little effort before the request.

Currently, there are many translation companies, including those overseas, but even translation companies do not have the same quality and service. Identifying the difference is the first step in requesting a translation. We hope that you find all these qualities in a professional translation agency (PROFI) in Germany.


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