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Welcome to our Precision Plastic Injection Mold Website! Here you find information about our company Keiteq Thailand and our mold fabrication and injection molding related services. We also provide lots of information on injection processes, molding techniques, R&D of new products, new technologies, Prototype product development and other specialized methods, so that you keep yourself informed with the latest trends and technology. 


We are proud of our reputation gained over more than two decades supplying injection molds to customers in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia and other major industrial nations. You would recognize our customer list as high-quality suppliers in their fields. So far, our reputation as being an on-time reliable, quality and cost effective supplier has been growing, mostly by word of mouth. Our passion for injection mold shows in our products and in the way we care for our customers. 

As you can tell from our extensive website information, our goal is to keep you informed on many of the different injection molding processes, techniques, and specialized methods, so that you can make the most informed decisions about which method is best for your product. Don’t let a limited capability supplier steer you into using a method just because that’s all he has the equipment and know-how to do. Instead look through all the possibilities so you can make a decision based on your parts, your production and your quality needs. The more you know, the better your decisions will be. If we can help, just let us know.

We are a precision plastic injection mold supplier with the capability to design and build inexpensive and efficient molds to produce your parts, and the modern efficient machinery to mold your parts efficiently, accurately and inexpensively. Quality is a hallmark of our operation, with  quality system equivalent to ISO-9000 in-place to ensure our production meets your requirements! 

Disclaimer: Products displayed here are just for sample only not necessary we made the actual products.

We provide technical support in English, Japanese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian, Chinese and South Indian languages. 

We spend extensive amount of time and money in research and development, innovation, new product development and product design. We are some of the R&D development projects.

1) Anti-virus/Anti Bacteria Plastic Resin (Masterbatch) Development.

2) Anti-virus/Anti-Bacteria Resin for fabric development.

3) Anti-virus/bacteria plastic products for public use.

4) Anti-bacteria plastic gloves

5) Anti-bacteria biodegradable plastic gloves

6) Biodegradable plastic bag, cover and etc.

7) Non alcoholic anti-bacteria sprays

8) Pocket spray bottles with Strap (fashion products)

9) Various plastic products development to many Startup companies around to world.

*Request for further details by writing to us direct if you are interest in any of the above mentioned product or if you need our services to develop your own products. Click here to email us.

We various prototype product design and product development for various startups around the world. Our design team can support your product design or concept from an idea through to a commercially viable product. We provide solutions, method and best process to develop your products.


Our Services;

1) Rapid Prototype (Digital Manufacturing); Plastic, Rubber, Silicon, Metal & etc

2) Soft Tooling; Aluminum Mold, Steel Mold, Silicon Mold and Plastic Mold.

3) Low Volume Production.


We applying our commercial knowledge and engineering experience across multiple sectors to optimize your concept to a viable product.

*Request for further details by writing to us direct if you need our services to develop your own products. Click here to email us.

New Product Release

Refill-able spray bottle and spray cards Copyrights Protected Under Japan, Thailand and International Laws.

Characters, logo, name displayed on bottle & strap are trademark owned by Anbishawaka Japan.

© 2020 Keiteq Co., Ltd 

© 2020 Keiteq Co., Ltd 

© 2020 Keiteq Co., Ltd 

© 2020 Keiteq Co., Ltd 

Spray bottles with multipurpose Ring and Cap for multipurpose Attachment like, short and long neck strap, Keychains, hooks, locks, clip, holders, hangers and many other decorative accessories

attachment to bottles for the purpose of attachment to neck, hand, pockets, bags, purse,

hanging to wall, cars and many other household, office and public premises.

It include all different variances in design, shape, colors and function which as the same

and similar purpose of attachment accessories, holding, hanging, hooking, clipping and etc.


Click here for further inquiries. 

Blow Molding 

Now available! Standard PET Bottle for Cooking Oil.


Material: PET

Spec: 1000ml, 28mm, 27.5gram


Material : PP

Color: Yellow & Green

Spec: 28/25

Click here for further inquiries. 

Our Keiteq-Starchtech’s products are formulated from bio resin composed of non-food grade
tapioca starch (Manihot Esculenta) as it is not genetically modified, not categorized as staple
food and stock in abundance globally whereby produces product that is 100% biodegradable
and compostable in nature
which is a great alternative for conventional petroleum based
plastic bags. Our products can positively influence our environment with the aim to reduce plastic
pollution as it can biodegrade in 180 days when in contact or exposed to the environment
and chemically harmless to animals if ingested. Contact us for further details.



ES Design Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Lead Designer/Programmer

Ohishida-machi, Kitamura Town, Kitamurayama-gun,

Yamagata Prefecture 999-4122 18


Telephone 0237-53-0075

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Plastic Injection Mold

We are a precision injection mold supplier with the capability to design and build inexpensive and efficient

molds to produce your parts, and the modern efficient machinery to mold your parts efficiently, accurately and inexpensively. Read more about Plastic mold....

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