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Design, Development and Production of Multifunction Multipurpose Foldable Cart, Trolley, Stroller

A wheeled cart provided by a shop or store, especially supermarkets, for use by customers inside the premises for transporting merchandise as they move around the store while shopping, before heading to the checkout counter, cashiers, or tills, is known as a shopping cart in American English, a trolley in British, Australian, or Southern American English, or a buggy in Appalachian or Southern American English. Customers are more inclined to buy larger quantities in a single trip when they can acquire more items, which improves store profitability.

Customers frequently use the cart to carry their purchases to their cars, however some carts have wheels that may be magnetically locked to prevent users from leaving either the store or the allotted parking space. Customers are invited to leave their shopping carts in specified parts of the parking lot in numerous locations throughout the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Store personnel will then bring the carts back to the entrances. In some locations, locking devices that connect carts need to be unlocked by inserting a coin or token. The penny is given to the customer after the cart is put back where it belongs.

Presenting the MULTIFUNCTION FOLDABLE TROLLEY, your one-stop shop for all luggage handling requirements. High quality aluminum and industrial grade polymers are used to create the MULTIFUNCTION FOLDABLE TROLLEY, which is made for long-lasting durability and easy handling.

It is an excellent piece of equipment to have at home or when travelling on a tour or shopping trip because it is so easy to use. In a workshop, warehouse, office, or other commercial setting, it is quite useful. It is really useful and folds flat for simple storage and transportation. After all, you definitely don't want anything else eating up valuable space!

The handle is extendable and with a single movement, the load plate and the wheels open or close simultaneously. The non-slip load plate will ensure the load doesn’t slide around, when using. What’s more, you’ll never complain of back ache, after the work is done!


* Lightweight aluminum frame

* Folds completely flat for storage and transport

* Transport your boxes and lab equipment around the school with ease!

* Single movement opening and closing action

* Slip resistant load plate

* Grip handle (Optional: Anti-bacteria Plastic Grip)

* Ideal for individuals, hospitals, offices, warehouses, go downs, parcel offices, courier pickup / delivery centres, merchants, and other similar places.


1. Light weight aluminum frame.

2. The handle is extendable and with a single movement, the load plate and the wheels open or close simultaneously.

3. Very simple to use and a great piece of equipment to have at home or when going out for shopping or tour.

4. Our cart trolley ensures safe delivery by a good packaging with stretch film.

5. Already 36 years in OFFLINE business.

6. 100% brand new products, strictly not display unit.


Multipurpose box

made of high-quality plastic,

Include wheels for convenient using.

Product Usage

To store equipment or tools for tidy and easily finding.

Product Tips

Please read all instructions and warning carefully before use.


For transportation purpose only, do not sit or stand on the cart.


• Foldable and portable cart

• Durable wheels shopping cart

• Large space design cart

• Made with black epoxy-coated steel

• Ultra-lightweight cart

• Non-slip rubber tip design cart

• Guardrail and handle design

• Load-Bearing Capacity = 30 kg

• Heavy-duty easy glide wheels; great for city dwellers, students and elderly


• Foldable design can save more space

• Durable wheels shopping cart for easy carry goods

• Bigger design than others brands

• Made from strong steel

• Save more time and energy

• Increase the height of the guardrail to put more things

• Not easy to be out of shape

• Can support max load 30kg


A shopping cart was developed to assist individuals in carrying items such as packaged rice, mineral water, beverages, fruits, vegetables, cooking oils, and pans and pan sets when they go shopping. This sturdy shopping cart is made of steel with a black epoxy coating. For greater storage, it features a huge space design and guardrail design. Then, the non-slip arc handle offered a secure grip. The wheel is sturdy and makes it simple to transport the cargo. Also, it aids in time and energy savings. Additionally, the chair's foldable shape allows for additional space savings and makes it simple to transport and store. Being out of shape and able to support a maximum load of 30 kg is not simple.


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