Amata Industrial Estates

Amata Industrial Estates by far, the largest industrial estates in Thailand are developed and maintained by AMATA. Thailand is currently, is the preferred choice to many big companies especially for automobile companies like Toyota, Honda, Nissan and GM. It is also proudly called as the “Detroit of South East Asia”. The rapid growth of industries has led to the development of many Industrial estates in order to cater to the development of industries. AMATA Corp PCL is the leading developer for Industrial Estates in Thailand. It was incorporated in the year 1989 and was listed with the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) in the year 1997. AMATA is the largest developer of Industrial estates with a market share of about 40% in developing and handing over industrial lands.

Amata Industrial Estates is instrumental in developing self-sustaining industrial estates which has paved way for the success of the company. The Mission of the company reads like this “To provide value to customer by creating state-of-the-art, self-contained industrial estates that evolve, through careful attention and work, into cities with complete services and facilities.” AMATA offers customized solutions and value added services to the factories setting up their units in AMATA Industrial Estate. Features like Ready Built factories, excellent roads featuring Steel reinforced concrete roads with footpaths; instant power and water connectivity to the factories, waste water management, broadband internet, vehicle leasing, infrastructure for housing, schooling, and health are maintained within the industrial estate by AMATA.

AMATA Industrial Estates are being developed under the concept of creating “A perfect City”, where Nature, Humans and Industries will be in harmony to each other. Strict methodologies are adopted as per the norms set in ISO 14001 in order to preserve the nature around. The company focusses on the environmental policy based on the following points.

• Strict implementation of environmental laws & regulations.

• Emphasize on prevention of problem rather than solving problems.

• Recycling system according the company policy of Zero-Discharge.

• Economical and efficient use of natural resources and power.

• Maintenance of waste treatment plants and systems to achieve maximum efficiency.

• “Green and Clean” mind and attitude among staff members.

• More efficient “Way-Finding” for traffic to ensure safety.

Best infrastructure is provided well within the industrial estate to accommodate the human workforce and their subsequent necessities have been well taken care of. Common Necessities for the people settled in the industrial estate like schooling, recreation, medical facilities, etc. have been provided to be at par with the world standards AMANTA also boasts of international educational institutions such as Thai-German Institute, Satit Kaset Multi Lingual School inside its industrial estate.

Amata Industrial Estates in partnership with the industrial authority of Thailand offers industrial plots of various sizes in order to suit the taste and requirement of the investor. The industrial estates have been declared as “Free Zones” providing extra benefits for the investor as follows;

• Investors are allowed to hold the land in their possession as free hold.

• Exemption from Import duty, VAT and Excise duty• Fast and easy customs clearance through setting up of a on the spot customs office.

Maintenance of the estates is another important aspect, best maintenance principles are in force to take care of any emergency situation. A dedicated team comprising of civil, mechanical and electrical engineers are available round the clock to take care of any emergency situation.

AMATA as a group of company emphasizes more on the customer satisfaction aspect. This is possible only by providing world class facilities and services to the investor.

2 Major Amata Industrial Estates are as follows;

Amata Nakorn Industrial Estate

Amata City Industrial Estate


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