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What exactly is EMS, or electronics manufacturing services?

We are an EMS provider with a selection of contract manufacturing services for end-to-end manufacturing services, including the sourcing and procurement of parts and components, production, assembly, testing, packaging, and direct shipment fulfilment. Our manufacturing contracts are primarily turnkey deals where we deliver finished box builds.

The phrase "electronics manufacturing services" (EMS) covers both a broad sector of the economy and a particular type of subcontractor or business. Additionally, the more general phrase "contract manufacturing (CM)" and EMS are frequently used interchangeably. In summary, EMS businesses offer original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) a variety of value-added engineering and manufacturing outsourcing services, enabling them to increase operational efficiencies and concentrate on key tasks like research and development (R&D).

The need for electronic components and outsourced manufacturing services is rising, and the electronics manufacturing services (EMS) business is a thriving one.

Market analysis predicts that the sector will expand between 2018 and 2024 at a compound annual growth rate of 7.5%.

Manufacturers can take advantage of present prospects thanks to rising consumer electronics demand and inventive technology breakthroughs. Manufacturers may need to work with solution providers who have experience and industry knowledge to cooperate with due to increased client demands and the requirement to reduce costs.

We observe firsthand the evolution the EMS industry is going through and the crucial part we play in the electronics value chain because we are a global leader in high-mix, low-volume manufacturing. You'll discover the motivating forces behind EMS, applications, difficulties, and things to think about when outsourcing your product's manufacturing in this new guide.

Overview and Applications of Electronics Manufacturing Services

Design, manufacture, test, and distribution are the four main components of any electronics manufacturing service offering. These tasks, which may potentially involve full systems assembly for original equipment manufacturers, will be carried out by an EMS supplier.

For instance, manufacturers can employ a method to combine printed circuit board assembly, wire harnesses, fabrication of enclosures, testing, and more when providing systems integration or "box build" services.

Consumer and industrial products (robotics and automation), government (aerospace and defence), consumer and industrial products (smartphones, PCs, etc.), electronic components (connectors, semiconductors, etc.), and health care are all included in the expansive electronics manufacturing business (medical devices). There are four factors that are driving the EMS market's expansion.


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