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Single Layer PCB

Single Layer PCB production in Malaysia 単層 PCB

Single Layer PCB

A single layer PCB is a type of printed circuit board that has only one layer of conductive material, typically copper, on one side of the board. The other side of the board is used to mount electronic components and connect them electrically. Single layer PCBs are also known as single-sided PCBs.

Advantages of Single Layer PCBs

Single layer PCBs have some advantages over other types of PCBs, such as:

- They are easy to design and manufacture, as they have a simple layout and require less materials and processes.

- They are low-cost and widely available, as they are the most common type of PCB in the market.

- They are suitable for simple and low-density circuits, such as calculators, power supplies, radios and toys.

Disadvantages of Single Layer PCBs

Single layer PCBs also have some disadvantages, such as:

- They have limited routing space and complexity, as they can only accommodate one layer of traces and components.

- They have low reliability and performance, as they are prone to noise, interference and crosstalk.

- They have poor heat dissipation, as they lack thermal vias and layers to transfer heat away from the components.

Types of Single Layer PCBs

There are two main types of single layer PCBs based on the material of the substrate layer:

- Single Layer Rigid PCBs: These are made of a rigid material, such as fiberglass or epoxy resin, that provides mechanical support and stability to the board. They are inflexible and cannot be bent or folded.

- Single Layer Flexible PCBs: These are made of a flexible material, such as plastic or polyimide, that allows the board to conform to different shapes and sizes. They are ideal for applications that require flexibility and durability.


Single layer PCBs are the simplest and most basic type of PCBs that have one layer of conductive material on one side of the board. They have some advantages, such as low-cost and easy fabrication, but also some disadvantages, such as limited routing space and low reliability. There are two main types of single layer PCBs based on the substrate material: rigid and flexible. Single layer PCBs are suitable for simple and low-density circuits that do not require high performance or complexity.

PNE PCB Sdn Bhd: This company was established in 1976 and has gained a reputation as one of the most committed high-quality printed circuit board manufacturers in Malaysia for prototypes and small & medium production with fast and prompt delivery. Its PCBs and processes are certified by UL. It also complies with RoHS & REACH directives and lead-free application. Contact us for more details.


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