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Do you know that a new car, needs around 30,000 individual parts?

Automotive mold making company in Malaysia

Industry estimates suggest that it takes about 30,000 individual parts to make a modern car, with each tiny component vital to the final build. Some of these parts are made at the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), but suppliers play a critical role in providing many of the items that go into making a car – and keeping it on the move.

Japanese automaker Toyota has a global supply chain that forms part of a complex ecosystem of smaller manufacturers in its own right. Many smaller companies work together to provide the carmaker with the parts it needs to manufacture a vehicle. According to the US Motor and Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (MEMA), no less than 871,000 Americans were employed in the US automotive supply chain in 2015, up from 734,000 in 2012 – meaning motor parts manufacturing jobs have grown by nearly 19 per cent in the US in that time. The contribution to the US economy from all this activity is estimated at $435 billion. MEMA’s member companies, the organization says, represent the largest sector of manufacturing jobs in North America

automotive plastic mold company in Malaysia and Thailand


d is an important basic process forming equipment in industrial production, often referred to as “mother of industry.” With rapid development of automobile industry, automotive molding have become the most important component of plastic injection molding industry and its’ scale continues to expand. Driven by national automobile lightweight policy, development of lightweight vehicles is an inevitable trend, which will effectively promote development of plastic injection molding.

Demand for automotive molding is not decreasing, and scale of automotive mould industry is expanding steadily.

According to statistics, more than 95% of parts on the car need to rely on mold for batch processing in the development of a new car, about 20,000 auto parts, including sheet metal parts, die-casting parts, stamping parts, plastic molded parts, electronic components and so on. In the development and manufacturing process of these parts, a large number of molds and fixtures are required, and demand for molds is the largest item. Generally speaking, in the development of a new car, more than 1,500 sets of automobile die casting mold, more than 800 sets of plastic injection molding, more than 300 sets of sheet metal molds, and more than 100 sets of die casting mold are needed. Therefore, every time the whole vehicle is changed, it needs thousands of molds, worth up to hundreds of millions of dollars. For example, Volkswagen Passat’s full body mold value is more than 40,000USD

Automotive Mold Maker in Malaysia

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