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Taking a recycled stand for the Olympics' podium

Taking a recycled stand for the Olympics' podium


plastic molding in Thailand

may have seen some viral posts about the "anti-sex" beds for athletes at the Tokyo Olympic games, set to officially kick off July 23, but with some events already started.

The clever cardboard frame, however, isn't about reducing coupling in athlete housing. The beds are actually designed to hold up to 440 pounds, so they can take a lot of punishment. The real reason for the material choice is that the frames can be recycled easily and have a smaller carbon footprint than wooden frames.

The mattresses are also designed to separate and be easily recycled.

"I would say the Tokyo Olympics has the best ever Olympic sustainability code for climate change," said Masako Konishi, the climate and energy project leader at World Wildlife Fund Japan who is also a member of the Tokyo Olympics sustainability committee.

Beyond standard recycling practices at Olympic sites for bottles and food, the Tokyo games will feature medals made using material from recycled electronics such as cellphones. The medal podiums are made of post-consumer plastics recycled from packaging. (This link includes video of the podium being 3D printed.)

Organizers say the sustainability efforts they are taking can be carried through to future games.


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